Publish Sync Automatically Syncs New Posts Between Google+, Facebook, Twitter And More

Chrome: If you're still looking for a way to easily make your posts on Facebook appear on Twitter or Google+, Publish Sync is a Chrome extension that gives you the flexibility to post the same thing to one or all of your other social networks at the same time.

Clearly you won't want to post the same thing to the same group of people on all of your social networks, but if you have different audiences on Facebook and Twitter, for example, it might be nice to share a photo you've taken with both groups. The Publish Sync extension for Chrome adds checkboxes for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Plurk to each network's page, so when you post to one, the add-on will automatically send the same post to the other checked services.

Publish Sync also supports posting to specific Google+ circles, so not all of your synchronised posts have to be public. The add-on also adds buttons to your posts to make it easy to share them via LinkedIn, Digg and more. How do you make sure your friends on Twitter and your family on Facebook all see the same photos? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Publish Sync [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]


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