Never Type WWW Or .COM Again In Chrome

When going to a .com domain in Google Chrome, you don't have to type the www. or .com because this handy keyboard shortcut can do it for you. Just press Control+Enter on any platform (it's even Control+Enter on a Mac) and Chrome will take care of the rest.

You can do this in Firefox, too, but it's not just limited to .com. Either way, this can save you milliseconds of typing several times per day.

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    I've been using ctrl+entr as a shortcut in IE for AGES now and did the same when I started using Chrome a couple of years ago. Didn't think this was something new.

      You're right. Not new (I first used it in IE in about 2001) and not exclusive to Chrome but definitely useful.
      It's a feature I wish could be customised (without hacking the registry) to allow easy appending of or for example.

    Agreed, this isn't new.

    Having said that, chrome instant is usually smart enough to find the address you're typing and is a better feature for all urls other than .com or that don't start with www.

    I miss this when I'm forced to use another browser.

    You don't have to type www at all in any browser. But the .com is new. :D

      Actually, that depends entirely on the site, not the browser. Most sites are set up to allow both and, however very occasionally you'll find one that only allows one or the other.

        (Ignore the "http://", that was added automatically)

    While you can customise IE's CTL+ENTER behaviour in the registry, IE also has CTL+SHIFT+ENTER customisation via Internet Options > Languages dialog which allows you to do country-specific domain extensions.

    ctrl+enter = .com
    shift+enter = .net
    ctrl+shift+enter = .org

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