Find The Best SSD For Your Upgrading Money

Upgrading your computer's hard drive to an solid-state drive (SSD) is worth the money if you're looking for a serious performance boost, but compared to your standard hard disk drive, SSDs aren't cheap. The hardware gurus at Tom's Hardware are here to help with an up-to-date roundup of the best SSDs for the money.

Best SSDs For The Money: August 2011 [Tom's Hardware]


    And for another excellent SSD review sight take a look at

    OCZ Vertex2 120gb,.. nuff said! #]

      I think the OCZ Agility 3 is better value for money. SATA3 support and almost double the transfer speeds for only a small amount more.

    Any final word on reliability?,2923.html

      Get a good one and read up on the best way to set it up, and you should be good to go no probs.

      I've had 2 OCZ Vertex 3 120GB's fail on me in 3 months. Either very unlucky or very unreliable. Very disappointing considering the costs

        Hmm, that is a bugger, maybe different architecture than vertex 2? I work mine like a slave, never had a problem. Did you get a refund? #}

    Huge multi page PDF listing and ever growing number of SSDs from 1st gen to current gen drives. It lists the controller type, rates read and writes amongst other features, very handy resource when looking to purchase a drive!

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