End A Call With The Power Button In Android

A lesser-known setting in Android lets you end calls by hitting your phone's power button instead of the End button on your screen.Sometimes, as you're coming out of a call, your screen takes a few seconds to turn back on, which can be really annoying. If you head into Settings > Accessibility, hit Cancel if you get a pop window, and check the "Power Button Ends Call" setting, you can end it with the physical power button on your phone. This can be a little faster and more convenient, especially if your phone's proximity sensor refuses to cooperate.


    This sounds like a cool feature but my htc legend with android froyo has no installed options under accessibility. I can download a screen reader but I'd need to search if I want anything else.

    What phone do you have that has this installed feature?

    There is infact a simple app that can do this


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