Do You Use The Failed Text Message Excuse To Avoid Loser Dates?

Mobile phones are ubiquitous, so it’s no surprise that lots of us use them to flirt. However, they’ve also become a convenient excuse to get out of dates with someone you decide actually isn’t worth your time.

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A BlackBerry-sponsored survey of 600 Australians found that 60 per cent of people aged between 18 and 34 have used their mobile phones to arrange dates. However, it seems that the level of commitment involved in a “text date” isn’t very high. A fairly high 36 per cent of people also admitted that they had lied about missing a message in order to avoid going on a date. Oddly enough, 88 per cent of those surveyed said they would find having a confirmed receipt of message useful, even though that would quickly show up a large proportion of them as liars.

Do you routinely lie about getting messages to avoid dates you’ve gone off, or would you make sure you hadn’t made the commitment in the first place? Tell us in the comments.

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