DIY PVC Cable Management Keeps Your Cords Out Of Sight

With a slim PVC pipe, some tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can keep those cables completely hidden away behind your desk.We've shared a number of different cable management solutions over the years, but this is certainly one of the better-looking options. Redditor Scientologist took a slim piece of dark PVC pipe, cut it open, and hid his cables inside. The process itself was pretty easy, though it required some power tools:

Use a Dremel to cut a channel, about 1/4" recommended, and sand the edges down as they'll be sharp. Drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill out a larger hole to fit a screwdriver through to attach a screw. Ask for "class 200" pipe instead of Schedule 40, thinner wall thickness and easier to work with.

It even has hinges on it so you can swing it up to add more cables, without having to crawl behind your desk. Hit the link to check out the full gallery of images.

DIY PVC Cable Management [Imgur via Reddit]


    Now that is a seriously good idea... If only I had a Dremel.

    not a bad effort, but there are plenty of easy better looking options available for anyone interested,
    just go to your local electrical wholesaler and get some appropriately sized duct, it has a removable lid and is super easy to use.

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