Upgrade Your Home Office This Weekend

Upgrade Your Home Office This Weekend

We’re big fans of awesome workspaces, and we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to making your home office really great. Here are some of our favourites that you can easily tackle over the weekend.

Get Some Inspiration


As you probably know, we have a ton of featured workspaces workspaces you can check out to get inspired. You don’t have to recreate your entire office from scratch, either. A few small visual changes can make things look fresh, and some new organisation options (which we’ll talk about in a minute) can eliminate little problems when you’re trying to get things done. If you want a few pointers, remember to choose good lighting, appropriate storage containers, and the best chair you can afford.

Make a Better Desk


If it’s time for a new desk, buying one isn’t the only option. There are plenty of really awesome desks you can make on your own. One easy possibility is to combine a door with IKEA table legs. A wooden pallet is another great option.

If you just want to upgrade an existing desk, adding an outlet or two is a good place to start. Wire baskets can also add quite a bit of extra storage if you need it. If you want a standing desk, you don’t need something new to get one. You can just add an extra removable level.

Get organised Easily


First things first, evaluate your space. Then you’ll want to check out these 10 great ways to streamline your workspace as well as a comprehensive guide from getting out from under your office crap. More specifically, the patient penicillin method and the quick-and-dirty four container method are both useful. If you’re just having trouble getting started, however, you may need to simply figure out what’s keeping you from cleaning up.

Organisation supplies can get pretty pricey, but fortunately there are lots of DIY alternatives. You can make a storage system out of PVC pipe, and outlet-hanging charging station for your gadgets, create a network rack out of a letter tray, attach your power strips to the underside of your desk for easy-access power, or just use an old sock.

Conceal Your Cables and Keep Them Easily Accessible


There are lots of ways to hide cables from view. Just use some PVC pipe (that you potentially have leftover from making an office supply holder), a drawer pull (great for larger, thicker cables), a phone cord (to keep them nicely wrapped), and binder clips (to make certain cables easily accessible). If you just want flat cables you can stick to the wall and paint over like they’re not even there, you might like Flatwire. If you have some leftovers and need to store them, try a cardboard tube or a shoe organiser .

Or don’t hide them at all. We’ve featured several solutions for creatively displaying your cables in plain sight, and that can be more compelling than pretending they don’t exist.

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  • I haven’t cleaned up my desk in years, even have trust binders from the 70’s, but were updating them to make sure they are compliant with the new legislation. The structures themselves will probably be even looked at as well, to see if that still they are still the most suitable; which as you all know can change with the succession planning and what not. But that’s usually a once every 5 years or so option, although I have seen it come up when there is a query around it.


  • I have a problem with where to put a printer. It’s about 50cm x 30cm (canon scanner printer combo) and it just won’t fit nicely anywhere. At the moment it’s on top of a bookshelf. We use it rarely enough that we don’t mind standing on a stool. But it just seems silly.

    Any awesome printer hiding tricks?

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