1% More Savings Calculator Shows How A Little More Savings Can Mean A Lot More Money

If you can find a way to boost your savings by just 1 per cent more, you can increase your savings fund by a sizeable amount. This calculator from The New York Times lets you play with the variables to see just how much extra you can save.

The calculator shows you how much you'll have saved in your time horizon at your chosen savings rate, if you save 1 per cent more, and if you save an additional 1 per cent each year (up to 16 per cent). Adding 1 per cent each year can can more than quadruple your savings.

Even accounting for annual returns less than the calculator's default of 5 per cent — try 3 per cent or 2 per cent — you may be able to add a few hundred to several thousand dollars to your savings account in a few years with just a modest savings increase.

The 1% More Savings Calculator [New York Times]


    Of course, this is based upon the assumption that your wage actually DOES rise with the cost of inflation (e.g. +3%/year)

    But still, saving a little more money will never hurt.

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