Smooth Gestures Adds Mouse And Trackpad Gestures To Chrome

Chrome: Smooth Gestures is an add-on for Chrome that allows you to open new tabs, close old tabs, reload pages and open links, all using mouse or trackpad gestures you configure and toggle with hotkeys.You can configure gestures for most browser tasks, and add your own in the options. A number of generic browser tasks already have gestures assigned to get you started, but you can edit them or the hotkey that activates them at any time. When you perform a gesture, you'll see a red trailing line behind your pointer so you know if you're doing it right.

Firefox users can try FireGestures for the same effect, available at Mozilla Add-Ons. Smooth Gestures is available in the Chrome Web Store, and works everywhere Chrome does.

Smooth Gestures [Chrome Web Store via AddictiveTips]


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