e-tax 2011 Is Available To Download

The new financial year has begun, and that means that the Australian Taxation Office's e-tax software for submitting your 2010-2011 tax return is now available for download. Here's what you need to know.

Last year, e-tax was used by approximately 2.5 million Australians, and if you're not using an accountant or other tax professional, it's definitely the quickest way to get your tax processed, especially if you're using the pre-filling options. You can submit your form as soon as the relevant income information has been supplied by your employer . The ATO is saying that refunds won't become available until July 14 at the earliest, and is promising a 14-day turnaround in most cases after that date.

As ever, it's a Windows-only release available for XP, Vista and Windows 7. While you can run it on a Mac within Boot Camp or Parallels, or on a Linux system using Wine, those configurations aren't officially supported. It's a 6.7MB download.



    It's silly. I want to lodge electronically, but it can't ID me enough to do so. I didn't use it last year, but the only way to ID check is to provide the details the TAX office already has on file from last year?

      Alternatively, you can provide a piece of information from last year's tax return or PAYG summary - such as gross income.

      And it doesn't matter if you lodged electronically last year or not, either way you get a mailed notice of assessment that you can use to confirm your identity also.

    Just give them a call and they will provide all the necessary ID information for pre-filling services.

    Urgh such a horrible application, every year I cringe at the thought of using it.

    I used this for my tax return last year, and to be honest, it really wasn't that bad to use. Sure beats filling out a bunch of paperwork anyway.
    Will be doing it again this year once I get everything sorted.

    Hmm - what about running it on a Mac with Wine (no need for a windows install)?

      Although wine works quite well with most applications, i dont think you should trust it 100% to run the application perfectly.

        I tried and it seemed to work till I got to the rollover details page. Then it refused to use either the yes or no buttons. Recent Mac, latest Macindows.

    Looks like it's time for me to take my money and run!
    Also, MarioPS; i also need a wine or two to help me run my mac!

    is the e-tax program completely different from last year? it seems utterly different and i cant seem to upload info unless im online unlike other years.

    I just want to download e-tax software

    I couldn't roll over from 2010 tax file, had to create almost from scratch

    prefilling OK

    last year I did my return online with my pc, which was simple. This time I have a mac I cant even download the program.

    Anyone know where I can get eTax 2011 to download (I didn't do my 2011 return) and can I use it in 2012?

      You can't use e-Tax past the official submission date for returns, so you'll need to do one by paper or through an accountant. And you need a new version of the software each year.

      I've used the old etax files put up on this site.

      I haven't had any problems with software or viruses (that I know of). I think this guy is just being helpful.

      You can use previous year's versions to enter the info for that particular year's application. You will have to print out the form and post it for submission.

    My daughter lodged her tax on line using e-Tax 2011 last year.
    We are unable to locate a printed copy of this tax return.
    How can she get a printed copy?
    She has just moved house and is unable to locate last years tax return.

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