BookBook iPhone Case + Wallet

Someone has finally made an iPhone case/wallet combo that's not only usable, but spacious and classy as well. If you've got limited pocket space, then this BookBook by TwelveSouth is tantalising.

Here's a video (below) demonstrating it in action. The phone goes on the right, money goes in the middle sleeve and there are two credit card slots and an ID slot on the left. You can answer the phone without taking it out by flipping the case backwards — which is slightly awkward, but not too bad—and slide it up and out for a photo. The cash slot holds a decent amount of cash, and the credit card slots can theoretically hold two cards per slot, but it would get pretty crammed.

This thing is great. Rather than keeping a wallet and a phone in my pants, now I can carry one thing that is about the same size as my wallet. The only problem is that I'm the kind of guy that likes to keep all his cards on him at once, so that, for example, I'll be prepared if I need to go to Blockbuster, or get my car towed, or show my dentist or doctor my insurance. But is that necessary? Can't I just leave those sometime-use cards in a stack at home and insert it into the BookBook when I need it? Do I always have to carry my business cards around in my wallet in case I run into somebody? Would an email address do? Yes, most likely. So this case has changed my use habits a bit as well.

Not only does this $US60 case protect my phone and carry my essential cards and money, it cuts down my pocket bulge dramatically. Oh, and it looks like a small distressed leather book, which is classier than the plastic-build quality of other iPhone case wallets.



    With $50 + shipping? I think not.

    As someone who cas 18 hard plastic cards, a dozen business cards and a heap of small change, i don't think this was designed with me in mind, as much as i would like to use something like this, id have to drastically change my wallet behaviour which im not prepared to do.

    7 of my cards are just barcodes, so i could use KeyChain app to move them to my phone, but id first have to find out which ones scan well and which ones don't (depends on the business scanner).

    I have all my cards just saved in a picture folder, so when i need my insurance numbers or health care numbers etc, just whip out the picture.

    I have a wallet similiar to this (Mossimo: and yes it has changed my habits.
    The bookbook solution would be good because of the pretty,except it's expensive.

    No camera hole? I was sold until I realised that...

      Hole puncher + a little precision.

    Their other products are on amazon. I think I'll wait until it shows up there and not have to spend $50 on shipping :/

    Yeah, they really are saying "We don't CARE about sales outside USA" with those punitive shipping costs...

    Nice product... a bit pricey on it's own at $60, but I don't mind paying for something of quality and style... but I will NOT suffer the ignorance and laziness of USA companies who cannot be bothered properly servicing markets outside the USA. Either you offer your wares for sales outside USA and offer realistic shipping options... or don't bother...

    I buy a lot of stuff from USA and many (smart) companies offer shipping via USPS for a FRACTION (literally) of the costs of FedEx/UPS etc. And it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive. I don't need things in 2-3 days for more than the cost of the item in shipping charges...

    Love the product... would love to buy one... as soon as they sort out the service beyond the continental USA.

    (end rant)

    LOL have you seen the shipping cost to Aus??

    HAHAHAAHA and they expect people to buy it?

    I bought an "iSlim" iPhone wallet on eBay, for ~$45 including shipping from the States. There's only one seller, you can't miss it.

    It fits my BB Curve 8310 quite nicely. I can't use the phone in while it's in the wallet, and I have to lock it to avoid accidental dialling (whereas with the BB holster I obviously didn't need to) but apart from that, it's great. Only one wallet-sized bulge in my pocket, containing my phone, five plastic cards (could fit one or two more) and my driver's license.

    I would not want to be pulling out my valuable things every time I want to use the phone. People lose their phones all the because they can't leave it in their pockets. High risk of losing your credit cards, IDs and money with your phone.

    I know it's been a long time since anyone's posted so you might all know this, but I just bought it for A$79.95 from the Australian Apple store, so that's a better option...

      Which Apple store?

      Yeh iv checked recently an they have never heard of it

    This is good, but the iflipwallet as featured on Tim Ferriss's blog is half the price and easier to use.

    You can buy this on ebay for under $10

    I just got one from eBay for $20.
    Although it said it was genuine it wasn't, the leather cheap, the card slots are too narrow and the spine of the "book" pales in comparison to the genuine item. I'd rather spend the $79 and get a good quality item.

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