Hands On With 3SIXT iPhone X Accessories

Hands On With 3SIXT iPhone X Accessories
Image: From 3SIXT

Whenever a new smartphone is released, there’s a rush as case makers update their designs to accomodate the latest pocket computers. 3SIXT has released a bunch of new gear for Apple’s latest smartphone and I’ve been road-testing them.

Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

The iPhone X’s all-glass casing has attracted plenty of attention from folks lamenting its potential fragility. I’ve never broken a screen but I’ve almost always had my phone in some sort of case and, over the last year used a screen protector.

Unlike most of the protectors I’ve used in the past, that require quite a bit of finesse to apply, the 3SIXT Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector fitted perfectly without any bubbles over my iPhone X in just seconds. After cleaning the screen using a soft cloth (there’s one in the packaging along with a dust remover and card for smoothing out air bubbles) I placed the Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector on the phone. There are holes over the speaker and cameras so FaceID, the touchscreen and other functions are unaffected.

I’ve tried many screen protectors over the years. This has been the easiest to apply and one of the clearest. Once it’s on, you can’t tell it’s there.

The retail price is $34.95 and it’s available from 3SIXT’s online store as well as retailers.

Neo Case

3SIXT sent me two cases to try out. The Neo Case is a two-piece affair with a case overs moderate protection for the iPhone X. It’s not ruggedised but it covers the sides and edges of the device without compromising access to buttons and ports.

The back of the case is magnetic so it attaches to the wallet section of the case. This is handy as it makes it easy to remove the device from the larger case if you want to carry it separately.

The wallet section has three slots for a driver’s license and credit cards as well as an area for sliding other papers or cards.

Although I was happy with the protection offered by the iPhone X cover, the wallet was not great. Once I put my license and two credit cards into it, it would not close properly and the small, magnetic flap that is meant to keep the case closed didn’t hold.

There are other similar cases on the market so I’d be looking at those as this one didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

The retail price is $34.95 and it’s available from 3SIXT’s online store as well as retailers.

Card and Stand Case

The Card and Stand Case offered solid protection for the iPhone X and didn’t add too much bulk to the device.

The case covers the power and volume buttons but they can still be operated as the case has sections that can be pushed is to operate the buttons and mute switch. The Lightning port and lower speaker are uncovered.

While it looks like any other blow I case, the Card and Stand Case has a small flip out panel on the back that lets the iPhone X stand up either in portrait or landscape mode. If you’re watching a movie or chatting over Skype or FaceTime, this is really handy.

It’s not a feature I’d use every day but it’s quite useful.

The retail price is $24.95 and it’s available from 3SIXT’s online store as well as retailers.


  • I had a 3SIXT glass screen protector for my iPhone6, it didn’t cover the whole screen, my attempts at communication with them were ignored, as a result i got a crack in the bottom corner when my baby knocked it out of my hand.

    As a result 3SIXT have made the black list for crappy products and service so ill never buy anything from them again and recommend people stay clear.

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