WikiPreview Sneaks Peeks At The Articles Linked In Wikipedia Pages

Google Chrome: People who spend a lot of time on Wikipedia may find this extension particularly valuable, even if it is somewhat limited. With WikiPreview installed, any time you hover your mouse over a link to another Wikipedia article while on the site, a small snippet pops up to show you what that article's about.

Unfortunately, it only works while you're actually on Wikipedia, and it won't show a snippet of a subsection should you hover over a "#" link (yet). It may be limited, but it does make browsing and researching on the site a much more relaxed experience.

WikiPreview [Chrome Web Store via CyberNet News]

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    This looks like a poor imitation of a feature that is already built into wikipedia and not browser dependant...

    Just add {{subst:navpop}} to your current skin's .js page and then you have this whenever you are logged in to wikipedia.
    Provides significantly more information than this chrome extension.

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