Why You Should Hang Your Handbag When Trying On Clothes

Buying clothes means trying them on, and having a shirt halfway over your head makes you a slightly more tempting target for thieves. Avoid retail robbery by ensuring you hang your handbag on the hook on the back of the door.

Fashion blogger Maggie Alderson makes that point in a post examining how to get better value from chain-store shopping:

Put your handbag on the hook inside the changing booth. Even if the walls go down to the ground, hands can come through under the door when you’ve got a dress stuck over your head.

I must admit that I'd never given this topic much thought: I'm close to a standard size so I don't often use changing rooms anyway, and handbag security is, let's face it, a largely female issue. It seems like sound advice nonetheless — why make life easier for thieves? If you've got other security tricks you deploy when clothes shopping, tell us in the comments.

Zen and the art of chain store shopping [Style Notes]


    I take it this is a topic close to your heart Gus? :P

    I'd say - make sure you put it out of reach - which is not necessarily on the door. On a hook 6 inches from the top of the door is no good, because a thief can reach over the top of the door.

    I've never met a woman that is silly enough not to put her purse on the hanger in any kind of stall, bathrooms included. Are there women dopey enough to do this? If so, I'd say it's natural selection at work and a hard lesson learnt.

    There are plenty of guys who carry backpacks and the like around, and when shopping they are likely to be carrying other bags.

    I agree with Michelle - I almost never put my bag on the door for that reason. Most changing rooms these days accomodate you putting it elsewhere anyway with a shelf or seat or hook on a different wall set further back in the changing room.

    But either way, isn't this is pretty much common sense? I think most women realise this? I know I have known about bag safety since I was old enough to go into a changing room on my own. (decades ago now)

    The same rule applies for women's toilets btw.

    Or when you use a public convience.

    In the toilets, rest your handbag on the toilet cistern - no theives can reach over the top and take your bag like they can with hooks on the back of the door.

      Correction: they CAN, but it's a LOT harder. Most wouldn't bother.

    I've been to A LOT of toilets (yay small bladder) in quite a few different countries(dodgy ones too)and no one has ever tried to steal my bag.. or in change rooms.. is this like some Sydney thing? haha

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