Replace Your Laptop’s Screen With A Touch Screen

Replace Your Laptop’s Screen With A Touch Screen

If the standard trackpad just isn’t doing it for you on your laptop or netbook, and you’ve got the itch to do a little modding, blogger Pierre Vernaeckt shows us how to replace its display with a touch screen.

This mod seems especially cool for netbooks, which are small, portable, and have a lot of custom optimised operating systems that are very touch-friendly. You don’t need any soldering skills or anything like that for this mod, but it still requires a steady hand and guts of steel.

You’ll basically be taking the entire computer apart and adding a touch screen from one of these kits. It’s a pretty cool upgrade, though, and with the state of some netbook touchpads being so crappy, it could actually make your netbook easier to use. Hit the link for the full how-to, and check out the video above to see it in action.

Eeepc & Touch Panel [Deadbird’s Lair via Hack N Mod]


  • Yeah,.. the chances of me actually having the patience for this are very slim… Just one question though, wouldn’t you need a driver for the new screen. I’m assuming there would be some form of proprietary system hardwired into the original machines bios?? In all honesty though I didn’t read the entire article… :}

    • They do need drivers, but the touchscreen should come with them. I tried this around 2005, with a 15″ touchscreen panel from a decommissioned kiosk PC (with only a serial cable connection).

      It was fun to get it going, but xp with a resistive touch screen can get tiring after a little while.

  • I’ve done this to my Dell Mini 9, works a treat, didn’t go through eBay though, I could purchase it cheaper from an online shop with warranties and located in Australia. The 9inch glass overlay cost me $110, plus about $40 postage, about 2hrs later I was up and running. Just solder the cable to the internal USB header and your basically done. I did need to sand back a mm or so from the screen bezel behind so it would fit over the touch screen, but you can’t notice at all. Drivers were included with the screen, but also from the manufacturers website.
    My next ‘project’ is to make a sliding hinge so the screen can be pulled forward across the keyboard in a semi tablet format and install a gyro sensor to auto rotate the display.

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