• Could The Netbook Make A Comeback?

    Michael Mrozek, the Germany-based creator of the DragonBox Pyra has raised a big pile of cash to rekindle the fire in the netbook market. The question is: will anybody actually want one?

  • Windows 8 Is Trying To Kill The Netbook

    Whatever Windows 8’s virtues on a touchscreen device or a 17-inch notebook, there’s one clear lesson from the newly-released consumer preview version: there is no point in trying to run it on most of the netbooks on the market. And unless Microsoft outlines some plans to fix that pretty quickly, it is effectively conceding the…

  • Kogan Shipping Chromium Netbook In June

    We still don’t have Australian launch dates for Google’s officially-licensed Chromebooks. However, if you’re happy to settle for a device based on the Chromium open source project rather than the Google-sanctioned version, Kogan is listing a 12-inch screen model which is set to ship on June 7, a week ahead of the official overseas Chromebook…