From The Tips Box: Full-Screen YouTube, Oily Dishes, Table Salt

From The Tips Box: Full-Screen YouTube, Oily Dishes, Table Salt

Readers offer their best tips for viewing YouTube videos in full-screen, washing oil off of plastic, and keeping your table salt from clumping together.

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Double-Click YouTube Videos to Play in Full Screen

Nsk1492 shares a great shortcut for YouTube:

I’m not sure if anybody’s seen this, but if you double-click on a YouTube video it becomes full-screen. This works on both the YouTube site and embedded videos.

Remove Oil from Plastic Containers Before Rinsing It

Photo by Bill S.

Googeling lets know how to get pesky oil off of plastic surfaces:

I’m sure some if not all of you have come across the problem of washing oil off plastic surfaces like a plastic food container.

You can choose to either wash off the excessive oil off first by using any dishwasher soap and a sponge(or whatever scrub) or you can head right away to the next step. To remove the oil completely, apply dishwasher soap on the plastic surface and use your fingers to spread the soap all over the surface, making sure to cover all areas. Rub the surface as you spread. Now rinse and enjoy the squeaky clean sound!

No expensive or corrosive soap needed, no heating, no soaking and no hassle!

Use Rice to Keep Salt from Clumping Together

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski.

Teknophilia tells us how to keep that table salt flowing freely:

Salt in a saltshaker tends to clump together because of humidity), and makes it harder to pour. Adding a little bit of rice helps, the rice absorbs humidity, and won’t go through the shaker’s holes.

I’ve seen this a lot before, but wasn’t sure what it was for. Many of you might already know this, but it is a good trick.

Browse the Web on the Nook Simple Touch

Photo by Kei Noguchi.

Shep979 discovers a hidden “feature” on the Nook Simple Touch:

The new Nook Simple Touch actually has a hidden web browser built in. Just hit the Nook button on the bottom bezel, hit search, and then enter a URL instead of a search term. It seems to be a stock Android browser, complete with bookmark management, but it’s still pretty buggy. It does come preloaded with Barnes & Noble-related bookmarks though, so it may be something they’re planning on featuring more prominently in a future update.


  • “Use Rice to Keep Salt from Clumping Together”

    That’s useful for many other things too. I put rice in my salt shaker (but not the one for rock salt), my chocolate shaker for my cappuccinos and also a flour shaker for when I make bread.

  • Thanx a lot for the tip of washing oily plastic containers. I used to use scrub multiple times and rinsing again and again to completely remove the oil. working according to this tip works like a charm.

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