From The Tips Box: YouTube Videos, Rubbish, Firefox Add-On Bar

Readers offer their best tips for playing blocked YouTube videos overseas, keeping rubbish from building up in your car, and keeping the Firefox Add-On bar visible.

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Play Blocked YouTube Videos with Facebook

Avinashpathak60 shares a tip for >international YouTubers:

I don’t know if anyone else has made this observation, but the videos that are marked as “not available for your country” in YouTuve can easily be seen from Facebook. All that is needed to be done is to add the link of that video in facebook and share it, it can then be played from within Facebook even if it is blocked in YouTube. Other method might be to use HotSpot shield, though it installs a lot of crap if you are not careful.

I haven’t tested this one since I’m in America, but seems like a great workaround.

Use Empty Tissue Boxes as In-Car Trash Cans

Photo by Christ Costes.

Programmer780 tells us one way to keep rubbish from accumulating in your car:

I always keep boxes of tissues with me, especially in my car. After I get through with one, I use it as a handy garbage can/other container.

Keep From Accidentally Closing Firefox’s Add-On Bar

The_Doc shares another fix for Firefox’s new UI:

I like the new firefox’s add-on bar, but I DON’T like the X on the left… I keep accidentally clicking on it!

To fix this, I added the following to userChrome.css:

#addonbar-closebutton {
display: none !important;

I can still hide the Add-On Bar, if I ever need to, by right-clicking on any toolbar and unchecking “Add-on Bar”

Double-Tap Q to Quit Google Chrome

The Donut Pirate lets us know another way to Quit Chrome with the /”Hold Q to Quit” prompt:

I don’t know if everyone else has already figured this out, but enabling the “Hold Q to quit” prompt in Chrome also allows you to quit by holding down command and double tapping Q.

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