Lets Your Contacts Know The Best Time To Email You Lets Your Contacts Know The Best Time To Email You

Lots of us deal with email overload on a daily basis, and it can get overwhelming. is a free service for Gmail that lets your contacts know when your email load is high, so they can hold off on emailing you. is simple: just attach the service to your Gmail account, and it will give you a custom link. You can then put that link in your signature (or blog, or wherever) and people can click on it to find out how buried you are in emails. You can tell it to judge your email load by how many messages you have in your inbox, how many unread messages you have in your inbox, or how many messages you’ve sent recently. It’s simple, but a pretty nice way to save your friends from contributing to your daily stress. Check out the video above to see it in action. [via Macworld]


  • I have been using it for over a couple of weeks now, and I am only using it to support their research. As I don’t mind that they have info about my account and so on.
    But honestly, it is not such a great feature. It might turn into one. But no one is going to click on the link to decide if they are going to email you now, or in an hours time.
    People, think and email. Otherwise they forget.

  • Gmail allows more than 7000MB of storage and has extensive filtering, tagging and search functions.

    This sounds like some sort of email harvesting/data-mining operation.

  • Yeah, great idea in theory, but I wouldn’t use it. As someone sending an email, I wouldn’t be bothered checking first. As someone recieving email, I wouldnt want people to be able to see information about my read/unread email count. And as GT commented, gmail (and most email clients) have huge amounts of storage and tagging/filtering etc. Even if I was getting 1000 emails a day I’d still want people to just email me and if it was important I would email back or I would wait till its conveniant. Its email after all, not a text message.

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