SyncDocs Syncs Google Docs With Your Computerr

SyncDocs Syncs Google Docs With Your Computerr

Windows only: Google Docs is a great on-the-go and collaboration tool, but using the web app to upload and download files is a little slow. SyncDocs keeps your Google Docs library in sync with a local folder on your computer for easy access.

If you’re a heavy Google Docs user, SyncDocs seamlessly integrates it with Windows by doing two things: keeping one folder of documents constantly in sync with Google Docs, and making Google Docs your default document editor. When you first start it up, you choose where to put your Google Docs folder, and it will immediately start downloading all the documents you already have stored in Docs. From then on, it acts like Dropbox for Google Docs: any change you make to your documents, whether from the folder in Windows or on the Google Docs web app, will be synced back to the other side. You can choose to sync all files in that folder, or just the ones you can open and edit in Google Docs.

You can also choose to make Google Docs the default office editor for Windows. That way, whenever you double-click on a .doc, .xls, or other Office file, it will open in a Google Docs session in your browser. You can also separately make it your default PDF viewer. If you choose not to do these things, you can also open documents in Google Docs from the context menu, which is nice — you still get quick access to the document in Docs, but can keep using Microsoft Office (or whatever your chosen document editor) as the default.

SyncDocs is a free download for Windows only. Check out the video above to see more of it in action.

SyncDocs [via AddictiveTips]


  • Been using it as a cool Dropbox alternative for the last few months.
    Google Docs extra storage for a year is only $5 for 20GB, going all the way to 16TB!

  • Syncdocs is what finally persuaded me that the cloud is a useful tool, not just hot air.

    Synchronization is the missing part of Google Documents. I do most of my work at my desktop. Automatic cloud replication means I can access it all on my iPhone.

  • It’s a great idea, but was too buggy for me. Duplicate and missing files… once they tightened it up and come out of beta, I’ll try it again.

  • you might also want to have a look at gdrivesync (

    it syncs local documents with google docs, but you don’t have to use a special folder for that

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