Optus To Reward Customers With Frequent Flyer Points

Optus To Reward Customers With Frequent Flyer Points

Optus sent out a press release today saying it will offer Qantas Frequent Flyer points to consumers and business customers in the second half of this year. While that might be a handy way to top up your points total, we’re reserving judgement until we see full details of the scheme. [Optus]


  • I am pretty sure this was already in place years ago when I was with Optus. I remember reading it somewhere and although it took talking to a few people at Qantas I was able to get points from each Optus bill I got. I am pretty sure this wasn’t a well known fact as it did take a few phone calls to get it setup.

  • I know this was available July last year, after I found it on an obsecure part of their website. However when I enquired about it I was unsuccessful. Why? Because first I could told it was for new accounts only. Then because it was only available on certain products. I’m glam someone figured out, but will be interested to see how the new setup works.

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