Creatively Wall-Mount Your Home Theatre Gear, Cables And All, For Better Access And Organisation

We've looked at creative ways to openly display your cables a few times, but you don't have to stop there. DIYer Palle Olsen picked up some cheap super glue and mounting tape to mount his PS3 and its four annoying cables to the wall.

These cord design projects are neat, but how do you actually do it? Palle's method looks to be a pretty effective way to go. Here's the rundown:

  1. Figure out your design ahead of time and pencil it onto the wall. You need to make sure you don't exceed the cable's length and you can avoid this by cutting a piece of string to the length of the cable and taping it onto the wall. Next, trace the string with a pencil (preferably one that erases very easily).
  2. Put the adhesive tape on the wall along the pattern you penciled on.
  3. Put a little super glue on the tape and start adding your cables. You'll need to hold the cable in place each time as the super glue dries. Palle found the superglue was necessary as the cables wouldn't stick without it.
  4. Admire your creation.

This is a bit of work, but it makes for a really unique wall decoration. I've done a much less ambitious design and turned my cables into a tree. If you've been creative with your exposed cables, let us know what you did. Post some pictures in the comments.

Feature Friday: Cords Away [ via @rothgar]


    Wow! This is a great idea for my 20yr old son's bedroom. Thanx a mil ^_^

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