Abstract And Cool Flowcharts From Lifehacker's Melbourne Meetup

Our final Lifehacker Reader meetup in this series took place in Melbourne last night. Once again readers rose to the challenge of producing amusing flowcharts, with emoticons, binary and IPOs deployed with aplomb.

In third place we had a nifty explanation of whether you could make a fortune in social networking:

We're not quite sure what the final outcome of our second-place flowchart is, but Charlie Sheen is somehow involved:

Finally, in first place came a flowchart which is easy to translate into any language:

Thanks to everyone for coming along to the meetups; it was awesome to be able to meet so many Lifehacker readers in person. If you haven't already seen them, check out the Sydney and Brisbane flowcharts. And big thanks once again to Microsoft and Windows Azure for sponsoring this.

Lifehacker Meetup


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