Awesome Flowcharts From The Lifehacker Sydney Meetup

Last night's Sydney Lifehacker reader meetup went off with a bang. One of the challenges we set was to design a funny flowchart. There were some impressive results, which you can see below.

Amongst lots of entries dedicated to choosing beer and organising your love life, three stood out. (Click on each for a much larger full-screen picture).

The first went impressively meta-textual with a funny flowchart about producing a funny flowchart:

The second engaged with the reality that is Rebecca Black:

And our favourite (which took home the prize of an Xbox Elite with Kinect) presented a caustic analysis of who reads Lifehacker and our sibling titles:

We'll be running the same contest as part of our Brisbane and Melbourne meetups, so take note if you're coming along: we won't be rewarding duplicates of these entries! But we can promise you a lot of fun, beer and trivia — thanks again to Microsoft and Windows Azure for helping us make this happen.

Lifehacker Meetup


    Second holds a strange resemblance to this....

      Someone made that point on the night, but we've come to terms with the fact that nothing is original :)

        Fair point. See you on Thursday!

    That was an awesome night that you guys setup there.

    Managed to get a T-Shirt and a notebook at the end which is cool. Met some people like myself, had a bloody great time there. Beer was drunk, food was consumed and laughs and schennanigans were had.

    Overall, a killer night guys, knock em' out in Brisbane and Melbourne.

    *crickets chirp over here in Perth*

      we'll hold our own party... all two of us

        It's now a threesome, boys.

    That was a fun night. 2nd place in the trivia. DAMN! Close but no cigar! (Ignoring the fact that the gap between 1st and 2nd was like 12 points or something)

    Great night! Managed to pick up a sweet MS Arc mouse and Crysis2 game ftw!

    A wooden spoon prize was needed :P We kicked butt... at losing!

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