Turn A Filing Cabinet Into A Rolling Container Garden

You can make a planter out of pretty much anything. An old metal filing cabinet is just about the perfect size for a raised planter you can roll in and out of the sunlight as needed.

Photo by Sasquatch Books

Remove the drawers, prime and coat with exterior nontoxic paint, and turn the cabinet on its back for a great deep planter for growing tomatoes and other deep-rooted plants. For more structural support, add some 2-by-4s to the bottom of the planter, which you can drill casters into.

You can find old metal filing cabinets at secondhand stores or just reuse an aging one you already own. The drawers can be transformed into planters as well, and, as the photo at left shows (courtesy of ARTS), you can apparently grow plants in a filing cabinet while still using the other drawers.

Full directions from DIY Life are in the link below. Perhaps you can couple this with our previously mentioned self-watering tomatoes planters project to build your own Earth Box alternative.

Turn a Filing Cabinet into a Planter [DIY Life]


    would have thought the soil weight in an upright cabinet would be a serious danger.
    But the idea of wheels sounds good, any plastic storage tub would work much the same

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