Sort Your Laundry By Fabric Instead Of Colour To Save Money

Your washer and dryer are some of the most energy-sucking devices in your home, contributing quite a bit to your energy bill. Tech and home weblog Unplggd suggests a few laundry strategies for cutting down on your energy costs.

Photo by Carole Smith.

The main idea: don't sort your laundry primarily by colour. Instead, sort it by type of fabric:

Empty your hamper and finish up all your laundry tonight. Tomorrow, you'll want to start tossing your dirty clothes in new bins: Super-light fabrics where you used to have whites and heavy fabrics (like towels) where the darks used to go.

From then on, the key is to wash everything in cold water (thus saving you energy on heating the water) and by drying all similar fabrics together. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if you're washing a heavy-fabric item with a bunch of light fabrics, the whole load is going to take longer to dry. If you dry fabrics with other similar fabrics, you can cut some of your dryer cycles down.

What about you guys? Have you tried any of these techniques, or got any of your own that end up saving you time and money? Share your experience and laundry expertise in the comments, and hit the link to read more.

Sort Laundry by Fabric, Not Color, to Save Energy & Money [Unplggd]


    That's all well and good for darks and colours but what about whites? I still think you need to separate those out

    i am not using a dryer, too expensive :(
    and will also shorten the lifespan of the clothes

    And end up with colours running into each other? No thanks. Modern fabrics often bleed. I only use a dryer as a last resort. Mine go on the line under cover.

    About the only time I ever sort clothes is the first time I wash them. After that I just wash them all together. I've yet to have a problem.

    Also, whilst I usually ignore the washing instructions on my clothes, the majority of my clothes say not to be put in the dryer.

    Kitten is a fabric now?

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