Navman Extends Map Updates, Cuts Prices

Navman Extends Map Updates, Cuts Prices

Navman Extends Map Updates, Cuts PricesIf you’re contemplating buying a new GPS, this is worth considering: Navman is offering 36 months of map upgrades on its MY Series models, and 24 months of upgrades on EZY series models. There’s also currently $20 off across the MY range, plus the EZY30 and EZY40 models. Potentially appealing if you’re after something beyond a navigator on your mobile phone. [Navman]


  • Just bought my MY60T last december 2010,works ok but is prone to screen freezes on particular areas. Its annoying as you need to hard reset the device to get this back up and constantly prompts an agreement screen.

    Phoned support the other day, Map updates are due sometime this year no date has been given my preloaded maps are 1 year old so much for 2 year free map updates.Battery only lasts 4 hours on full charge.

    This is my first GPS so not sure about other brands if they have the same issues.

  • 36 months of updates is only as good as the updates that are actually released.

    Until navman actually publish (and stick to) their map update dates – it’s just 36 months of perhaps new maps, rather than the 12 or 24 available at the moment.

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