Harvey Norman Has Two $20 iTunes Cards For $30


    Please, enough with the posts about iTunes cards.

      Its always baffled me how certain people who visit tech websites can complain about getting news and deals to make tech cheaper. I mean its an article on a website. No ones forcing them to click on it and read about it. Its not like its there own personal website or news feed either.

      Thanks Giz team! Keep up the great work.

      This is the only reason why I visit this site. Remove deals will stop me from visiting. Yes some articles are useful. but... sometimes lack Technical substance

    My wife said to me this morning, "where are the iTunes deals this week?"
    I said "I'll check Lifehacker and get back to you."

    I've never paid full price for an iTunes card in 2 years.
    My iTunes account doesn't have any CC details attached to it!
    Keep them coming.

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