Freeze Your Jeans To Keep Them Clean And The Denim Intact

Freeze Your Jeans To Keep Them Clean And The Denim Intact

This may seem a little crazy, but according to Apartment Therapy you’re actually better off freezing your jeans to clean them as it keeps the raw denim intact.

According to Apartment Therapy, this really does work. (See “proof” in the video above.) Basically you just need to brush your jeans off, fold them, put them in a plastic bag, push all the air out, and then toss that bag in the freezer. The cold temperature effectively kills the bacteria you picked up when wearing them, keeping your jeans feeling clean. Obviously this isn’t going to get a stain out, so you’re going to at least need to spot clean if you get visible dirt on your fancy jeans, but if they’re just feeling dirty from wear they might just need a good freeze in a plastic bag.

How to Freeze Your Jeans [Apartment Therapy]


  • I have a hipster friend who does this to keep the shape of his jeans from changing over time.

    However, I seriously doubt that the freezer kills bacteria; my understanding of bacteria is that freezing will stop them multiplying, but won’t kill the ones that are already there – if anything they’ll hibernate. Which is why they advise not to re-freeze things that have come to room temperature.

  • Even if it does kill all the bacteria, it doesn’t remove the gunk that builds up in the fabric… sweat, body oil, skin particles, anything that has been in contact with the fabric….

    There is a big difference between ‘no living bacteria’ and *clean*!

    • +1. I’m far less concerned about the bacteria on my clothes, than the dirt that builds up in the fabric. I’m sure that my hands come into contact with far more bacteria than my jeans ever will; and I use them for putting food in my mouth.

      As Tegzilla said, freezing isn’t going to remove all the nasties that build up from normal wear.

  • Interesting to say the least.
    I know that when my wife was expressing breast milk for our newborn premie son, the breast pump accessories were sterilized, then stored in a zip-lock bag and put into a freezer.

    The logic was that, after steam sterilization, they would be allowed to dry completely, then popped into the freezer so as to prevent any airbourne bacteria or nasties that could compromise the newborns within the special care nursery.

  • Freezing the jeans won’t kill the bacteria. Cold only temporarily inactivates bacterial proteins—it’s heat, alcohol and a change in pH that actually kills them.

  • Freezing does not kill bacteria as any bacteriologist will tell you. Temperatures of 32° or below will cause most bacteria to essentially hibernate, and the bacteria will not grow, with a few exceptions (Listeria monocytogenes has been known to grow at temperatures as low as 28°F.) However, once the jeans are removed from the freezer and allowed to stand at higher temperatures, the bacteria “wakes up” and will start to grow again. Similarly, bacteria proliferation slows down when refrigerated at temperatures below 41°F, and will speed up growth when exposed to room temperatures again.

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