Keep Stuffed Animals Clean And Smelling Good With Bicarb Soda

Keep Stuffed Animals Clean and Smelling Good with Baking Soda

Your kids' stuffed animals get dragged through all manner of lovely adventures, some a little dirtier and smellier than others. You can machine-wash some stuffed animals, but you may need a more creative solution for other toys.


Our friends over at Apartment Therapy have the solution to keeping stuffed animals feeling and smelling fresh. If they can be machine-washed (check the label), toss them into a mesh bag or pillowcase to help protect any delicate bits. Skip the dryer, since most fake fur will melt with heat.

If you can't machine wash it, put the animal in a big Ziploc bag or plastic bag and pour in some bicarb soda — about half a cup for a regular-sized toy. Shake it up and let it sit for a while. They recommend 15-20 minutes, but you could easily go longer. Shake or brush off any excess baking soda. You can vacuum them gently if you need to, but you could also brush them out with a nice bristle hair brush.

Check out the post at Apartment Therapy for more.

How to Clean Stuffed Animals [Apartment Therapy] Photo by BCPL Photo


    anyone know where i can get one of mine cleaned, and restuffed?

    I have got a 1.2 meter tall coca cola polar bear and would like to get it back to white and stuffed again.

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