Avoid Overpacking By Taking Two Bottoms For Every Five Days Of Travel

Avoid Overpacking By Taking Two Bottoms For Every Five Days Of Travel

It’s easy to overpack for a trip when you don’t have some guidelines in place, especially when it comes to clothing. This simple rule of thumb should keep your carry-on from getting stuffed with every pair of pants you own.

Photo by Simeon Berg.

Bottoms, like jeans, shorts or dress pants, are great because they can be worn several times before they need a wash. That’s why Tarryn Williford at Apartment Therapy suggests you keep your bottoms to two pairs for every five days you’re away:

Packing two bottoms gives you the flexibility to have a short option and a long option, if your destination requires (or double up if it’s set to be warm or cool). As long as they’re versatile — and don’t stand out too much — I promise your perfect pair will last the whole trip.

So a weekend trip only needs two pairs. Even a two-week excursion only needs four pairs total — and that’s if you don’t have access to a washing machine. If you’re going to pack jeans, pack a pair that looks decent enough to wear to a somewhat nice dinner. If you’re packing shorts, make sure they’re comfortable and have some utility. The more situations your bottoms can be useful in, the better they are to pack.

A Short Guide to Travelling Light: 5 Rules to Help You Pack less [Apartment Therapy]

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