The Best Travel Apps For Android

The Best Travel Apps For Android

Having an Android with you on a trip can make everything a little easier. Track your flights, find things in strange cities, and even translate that cool-looking restaurant sign with the powers granted by these great travel apps.


let TripIt automatically scrape your Gmail

TripIt [Android Market] [imgclear]


You know Kayak, and you dig how it combines and hyper-customises your flight search. On Android, Kayak remains a great way to find the cheapest prices on any flight you’re taking to just about anywhere. And like the iOS app, it might be a bit more pleasing to those who find’s checkboxes and buttons a bit too much.

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search [Android Market] [imgclear]

Google Goggles

translate foreign text inside a picture

Google Goggles [Android Market]



FlightView Free Flight Tracker [Android Market] [imgclear]


Google Maps (with Places) [Android Market] [imgclear]


Skype [Android Market] [imgclear]

What travel apps for Android have gotten you through your trips? What’s the best way to prep for a trip using Android? Tell us your favourite travel apps in the comments.


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