Flash 10.2 Allows Full Screen On Separate Monitors, Manages 1080p Video

Flash 10.2 Allows Full Screen On Separate Monitors, Manages 1080p Video

Windows/Mac/Linux: Flash 10.2 is out, and we almost regret to inform you that you can now watch YouTube and all manner of Flash video in full screen on a second monitor while clicking elsewhere. There goes your “working lunch”.

That’s a long, long-requested feature in Flash, with various tweaks and software packages dedicated to making simple edits to Flash to keep a video going while you do something — anything — elsewhere in the system. Now it’s built in on every system.

There are, of course, other improvements in Flash 10.2, including performance and CPU usage enhancements that should allow Flash, on the right system, to handle 1080p video in much smoother fashion. Internet Explorer 9 users will also get better hardware acceleration. The full list of changes is at the link.

Flash 10.2 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems; Chrome users opening their systems today should automatically see the update. Tell us what you dig about 10.2, and what still needs fixing, in the comments.

Flash Player 10.2 Release Notes [Adobe via Digital Inspiration]


  • How about an ability to control it’s f’ing volume! Nothing worse that coming across a video that only has a mute or unmute button, or a flash banner/game with no volume controls. Simple things Adobe, is it that hard?

  • Youtube implementation of flash must be faulty, I’ve got an iMac and I can’t mute the fullscreen video sound or otherwise it will get out of fullscreen mode as it used to do before, so I can’t have a fullscreen video on second display with the sound muted while listening to spotify or iTunes.. I have a bar, I want to display video fromo youtube at fullscreen on a HD plasma TV, while DJing music on itunes or spotify.. How can I report this to youtube?

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