What’s Your Biggest Annoyance With iOS (And How Did You Fix It)?

What’s Your Biggest Annoyance With iOS (And How Did You Fix It)?

Even if you love your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you know it isn’t perfect. We want to hear about your biggest annoyances with your iDevice and what you did to solve those problems.

Maybe you’ve had too many dropped calls. Maybe you wanted to be able to play emulated console games and succeeded by jailbreaking. Whatever it is that bothers you most about iOS (and how you work around it, if you can), let us know in the comments.


  • annoyance: Apple’s philosophy and control regarding the App Store
    fix: settings -> general -> restrictions -> apps -> none
    Throw iPhone in the recycling bin.

    I went with the second option.

  • Problem: Apple thinking it knows better than I do about what apps I would like available to me and how they should work once on my phone (re: VLC).

    Solution: Jailbreak.

  • Apple’s control will be the universal annoyance. If I was easily able to install programs from other sources without needing to jailbreak I’d be all over an Apple device. Do they really think much if any of their market would disappear? It’s still integrated and the first stop for most people.

  • Annoyance: Inability to set up my device as a wifi hotspot – jailbreak

    Annoyance: Bluetooth file/movie/photo/contact sharing

    Annoyance: ITunes

    Annoyance: Personalised alerts for SMS, Mail etc…

    Annoyance: No album creation ability within the device it self

    Annoyance: ITunes

    Annoyance: App Store (closed eco system)

    Annoyance: Interoperability between other devices – for a company jumping up and down about standards, them seem to have a lack of interest in implementing many of the more simple (and functional) ones…see bluetooth

    Probably a few more, but that’s a good start.

    Surprisingly, once you get over most of those things, I still like the device.

  • I really wish they’d bring back being able to set music as an alarm. They always had it in iPods, yet for some reason it’s not there on the iPhone.

    There’s third party apps to do it – but given the nature of iOS you have to leave it running under the lock screen, which makes it a fairly unreliable solution. And “unreliable” is not a word you want associated with your alarm clock.

  • No being able to use many apps (Eg. Skype) through an authenticated proxy. This has been ongoing for a number of software updates and no fix has been released…surely it can’t be that hard

  • Safari refreshes pages when you open a new one. Solution: use a different browser app which you will have to pay for 🙁

    No flash gets annoying when you really need to use a site that is flash based. Solution, turn on an actual computer.

    No way to test apps unless there is a ‘lite’ version, which are often so limited to be unusable anyway. Solution jailbreak and try out apps before buying them i guess. Though i don’t want to jb my phone.

    Can’t plug in an external mic to record sound. Can’t record audio in background while running music apps.

    Alarm clock bugs were never fixed.

    In the mail client you cant remove the addresses that pop up automatically, so if you made a typo in an address then it wil come up forever ;(

    The app store is annoying to navigate in itunes and on the iPad, but its better on the iPhone, though still annoying at times.

    Cant remove useless apple apps like stocks and that awful weather app that’s always a few degrees off the actual temperature. Solution, jb can get rid of them but its not that big a deal to bother.

    Having to launch the YouTube app to watch videos rather than just watching them in the browser can be annoying too.

    I’m sure there is other stuff too, but that was off the top of my head. All in all i like my idevices but there are annoying aspects to them.
    Oh, iTunes is bloated beyond hell. They should make a lite version.

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