Using The iPhone As A Marriage Counselling Tool

Using The iPhone As A Marriage Counselling Tool

We use our mobile phones for all kinds of unexpected tasks, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re now being spruiked as a marriage counselling resource. Melbourne counsellor Paul Cullen argues that mobile apps can help couples stay together by enhancing their knowledge of each other

In a post on his blog, Cullen argues that the Love Maps application, which pitches random questions for partners to ask each other, can help couples ensure that they know each other thoroughly. (If you don’t fancy paying $2.49 for the app, I’m imagining you could do something similar if less structured with a little creative Google-ing for question ideas. You can always start by discussing how you’d handle the Indecent Proposal scenario.)

Found a relationship-enhancing app that works for you? Share the love in the comments.

Use Your iPhone to Help Your Marriage [Marriage Counselling Melbourne]


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