Tell The ABC About Your Car Obsession

Tell The ABC About Your Car Obsession

We know lots of Lifehacker readers cherish their cars. The ABC is producing a series about our national motoring obsession, and it wants stories from average Australians about what cars have meant to them.

Picture by Liam Ryan

The show Wide Open Road will document the history of motoring in Australia, looking at the impact of cars on all aspects of our lives, and the producers hope to include footage and photos from ordinary Australians as part of the project. Hit the link below for more information and to share your story.

Wide Open Road


  • I’ve made a pact to retire when my car dies; but it wont wear out. 450,000 k’s on the clock, original rings and bearings and does not use oil. It’s a 1987 JE Camira SLE (my 5th) and I see no need to replace it. Maybe I’ll reconsider at 500,000 km but I bet it will be still going strong. My family have a rather unflattering term for it so I keep it also to annoy them as well. It’s all good fun.

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