Vodafone To Sell Nexus One In Australia

Good news for all you Android lovers: Vodafone has confirmed via Twitter that it will be releasing the Google-developed Nexus One Android phone (the one the rest of the world got back in January). No details on pricing (or potential lock-in) yet, but we're promised more details next week. [Vodafone]


    hope 3 gets it too.....

      They will on at least one level:


    While it's great some of the better Android phones are finally hitting our shores (6 months after initial release in this case), the delay is a joke. Makes the Australian market feel like "the market for topping up sales after the initial sales surge". This isn't just with phones either. Technology releases in general have this feel imho.

    And we usually get overcharged for the privilege as well...

      I agree with you mate, and we're suppose to be "the lucky country"?

      Anyway I've never really liked this phone or vanilla android so my hero perks it chin up ever more proudly knowing I won't be retiring it to a draw anytime soon.

    And I'll bet it'll be something overpriced like $59 cap.

    When will we start to see Android phones made for the lower end of the market? I'm getting really sick of Symbian phones.

      I'm hanging for the Legend to fall down in price!

    Isn't the HTC Desire more or less exactly the same as the Nexus One? Why bother bringing it here after waiting so long?

      Telstra has an exclusive on the Desire for Australia, so if Vodafone wants more action in the higher end of the Android market, this might be its most obvious bet.

    It might be late, but it is fantastic to see android picking up pace here in Australia!
    now if only they could do something about the EVO...or the Droid X...or the Droid 2...

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