No Nexus One For Oz Any Time Soon

No Nexus One For Oz Any Time Soon

Google’s new Nexus One phone has been all over the news today, but the news for Aussies isn’t all that good: you can’t buy the phone direct from Google right now, and the only commitment the Big G will make to a release date is “soon”.

If you hit the official Nexus One site and try to order the phone, you soon get a message proclaiming:

We are not currently able to ship to your country. If you wish to continue with your order you must specify a shipping address in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

Nick over at Gizmodo asked Google directly for release plan information, and essentially got told “soon, but we won’t say one”. Sure, you can import the phone — and eBay’s bound to be full of them shortly — but it still feels like another Kindle/iPhone/NameYourGadgetHere dismissal of the Australian market.

Aussie Nexus One Hopefully Coming, No Timeframe Yet [Gizmodo]


  • That’s not so bad, if the iPhone and the Kindle are anything to go by. Maybe all the bugs from the first release will have been fixed by the time it gets here.

  • To get a Nexus One phone, don’t hold your breath. If any experience to go off, you need to wait a minimum of six months, if your lucky to see Nexus One on sale here. And if the Nexus One goes on sale, you will pay a premium price, $300 more then what it costs in the States or England.

    • Don’t feel too bad. From this year all UK imports including this Google Nexus One are liable for 17.5% VAT on all overseas shipping, including shipping and insurance. Then there is potentially a further 6% levy for duty. Makes ordering this phone from the UK at around $740 AUD which is significantly more expensive than the USA.

  • Of course one of the other problems still remains that Optus users at least (but not Telstra or 3) can -not- access the paid android market as well as waiting 3-4 months for OS updates

  • What is to stop you buying a US one and putting an Australian sim into it? Buy off eBay or get a friend in the US to buy one. Should still work on the Optus network.

    • “What is to stop you buying a US one and putting an Australian sim into it?”

      Not much… It woeks in Theory, but the kicker is that the firmware is unlikely to be updated for Australian Regs, so Triple Zero may not work as expected…

      Phones released in Australia typically have their firmware tweaked (just a registry setting usually) so that they conform to the Australian rules regarding Emergency calls. A phone sourced from overseas will likely have that set to another country, not Australia…

      Triple Zero calls in Australia need to work regardless of the SIM card stats, credit etc. Also if you’re out of range of your own carrier, others have to carry it. (The phones mark the calls as an emergency class to achieve this.) The phone may not mark “000” as an emergency call until the firmware is tweaked/set for Australia.

      Nexus 1 will likely have a firmware that confirms to the regs, just when getting it from overseas, that bit will be turned off…

    • Get ready for the highest reports of stolen phones. The nexus is nearly like open source, meaning cracks, hacks and mods will be plentyful. The hackers dream phone

  • It’ll be interesting to see what sort of subsidies Australian Carriers provide (If they ever do)..
    My next phone looks like it will be an Android model (around July), iPhone doesn’t even rate in my deliberations solely because it doesn’t support 900MHz 3G.

  • Has anyone tried using a forwarding company like Ship2Me ( to buy this phone? It seems like it will work here downunder, just a question of physically getting one from the states.

  • No doubt waiting to sign a partnership with telstra who will lock them all into two year contracts with high usage fees – for the same price if not more than an iphone. /pessimism

    • I’ve heard that the reason for the delay is due to the fact the phones DON’T work on Telstra’s network yet, and that Google want to support all networks to avoid restricting peoples choice of telco

  • I blame the Australians. Having worked in the mobile phone industry, I can understand why these companies would hesitate to release new technology in this country. Australians are late adopters. They are anything but tech savvy. They simply can’t get rid of the “don’t fix it if it aint broke” mentality. No one wants the latest and the greatest. My only hope is on the young Asian population in Australia.

    • @Maldrat

      Nah, we Aussies are actually extremely tech savvy and love to get our hands on the latest and greatest.

      Several problems though.
      One is that most decent tech doesn’t make it here, we get what other countries don’t want.

      Or we have to wait months, years, or are reduced to importing and hacking any gear we want.

      Then there’s the extremely high prices on tech here. Well, on everything it seems, but tech gets hit pretty hard.

      What’s the bet that Aus will be the last to receive the Nexus One, and that it will be hugely expensive. =P

      Blame the country for the late adoption, not the people.

  • I’m currently visiting Hong Kong and hope to buy one and bring it back to Australia, Hoping it works on the ‘3’ 3G Network. Anyone tried bringing it to Australia yet?

  • so…. for the peeps who buy from overseas to use on australian networks… they just have an existing phone contract and replace old handeset with new? most phone contracts come with handsets factored into the plan (say… monthly handset repayments or sometimes even free handsets).

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