Make Gmail Firefox's Default Email Client

usegmailMaking Gmail the default mail client for Firefox used to be a fairly fiddly process, but now you can do it simply from within Firefox.

Google Operating System points out that you can now choose Gmail (labelled as "Googlemail" for some incomprehensible reason) as a mail client option within Firefox's Applications menu, alongside Outlook and Yahoo!. Hit the post for step-by-step instructions.

Set Gmail as Default Email Client in Firefox


    I would guess that it is labelled as "Googlemail" as this is what it is called in some European countries (in UK for instance, when users sign up for an account they can only get [email protected]).

    up untill the last year or so the setting for imap and pop were google mail, rather than gmail.
    i would assume its a leftover from that...

    If you want to set gmail (or Google mail) as your default webmail client you can use the free tool from called gmailbydefault.

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