Community TV Will Be On Freeview EPG

Community TV Will Be On Freeview EPG
Community TV Will Be On Freeview EPGFreeview has so far managed to do a pretty good job of convincing the tech-savvy that it hasn’t got a clue, so it’s good to see the commercial network digital TV conglomerate doing something right for a change.

Sally Jackson at the Australian reports that when Freeview eventually rolls out its electronic program guide (EPG), it will include community TV stations (yep, that ghostly presence at 31 on your current TV). That’s one feature which Foxtel doesn’t boast, having so far refused overtures to include the community channels in its own EPGs. That doesn’t mean all is right in the Freeview universe — the apparent unwillingness to allow non-Freeview seto-top boxes to access its EPG is still a worry — but at least it’s one step in the right direction. Community TV stations to get digital guide [The Australian]


  • will “freeview” be broardcased on free to air
    aurora satellite to people in the bush who have no tv receiption at all only satellite free to air aurora or will we have to buy it on pay/tv
    i have asked this question before but no answer
    so far bryon j bartley

    • IMHO, as Optus Aurora is counted as 2 regions
      (Remote SA/NT/NSW/Vic/Qld/Tas, and Remote Western Australia) Freeview would be included free of charge. But the Freeview website has not put Details for any regional stations yet (Apart from Southern NSW via Canberra) We’ll have to wait and see! try May or so.

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