• TV Networks Have No Idea How Annoying Their Schedule Changes Are

    You know the feeling: you’ve set your PVR to record your favourite show, but when you finally watch it the last 10 minutes are missing, Those recordings rely on accurate information being sent by networks to electronic program guides (EPGs) — yet incredibly, if you ask TV executives if they think they do a good…

  • Will TiVo Caspa Capture Your VOD Heart?

    To date, TiVo’s main offering in the video-on-demand space has been movies in partnership with Blockbuster. That’s about to expand dramatically however, with the release of new higher-capacity TiVo-branded PVRs and a host of download options.

  • IceTV Updates Web Scheduling Features

    Not-free-but-pretty-neat online electronic program guide IceTV has rolled out a major upgrade of its web client (and iPhone app) this week, adding features such as specifying recording quality, seeking out programs across a related group of channels (like Ten and ONE) and limiting recording of oft-repeated shows to once a day. Hit the IceTV blog…