Freeview Doesn’t Want To Share Its EPG

Freeview Doesn’t Want To Share Its EPG

FreeviewLogo.jpgWhen Lifehacker recently discussed the pros and cons of Freeview, the still-nascent plan to promote digital TV via extra free-to-air channels, some commentators pointed out that accessing these channels won’t require a Freeview-branded set-top box — any digital TV or set-top box would do. While that’s true, it turns out Freeview will have one nasty brand-enhancing trick up its sleeve. Ty Pendlebury at CNET reports that the electronic program guide (EPG) for Freeview won’t be compatible with current TVs and boxes — you’ll need a Freeview box to access that, though some manufacturers may offer firmware upgrades to make it possible. The lack for many years of a decent and comprehensive free EPG was unquestionably one of the reasons why media centres haven’t been as successful in Australia as elsewhere, so it’s disturbing to say the least to see the industry perpetuating its small-minded view of sharing programming information with newer platforms.


  • Have they heard of fostering brand loyalty?
    It seems the Freeview will not really be so free.
    After all why would the Industry make things easy for themselves?
    The Dickheads.

  • if england and new zealand can put freeview on free satellite why
    not australia will the bush people miss out again when they turn
    off anerloge we wont have any t v at all digital will not carry
    your bryon j bartley e- mail [email protected]

  • Here’s a pro-tip to the business dim-bulb types at Freeview. Everyone else, whom I assume isn’t some sort of brain damaged mouth breather like the please excuse the caps. THE MORE WAYS PEOPLE HAVE OF FINDING OUT ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT, THE MORE LIKELY THEY ARE TO USE IT. OTHERWISE THEY WILL JUST GO BACK TO GETTING IT ALL FROM THE INTERNET, WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT FOR YOU TO ‘GET AROUND’ TO AIRING SHOWS THE REST OF THE WORLD SAW LAST YEAR.

    There, that wasn’t so bad was it. I bet the Freeview execs even went to business school and still didn’t learn that.

  • Hmm, can anyone say Ch7 TiVo. So are we supposed to guess when something is on. I am ready to give up on Foxtel (4min add breaks my a$%e) but if I don’t know what’s on I may as well stay with what I know. Why do they think they can rip us off here compared to rest of the world.

  • Now I’m extra glad i signed up for icetv ( has a ton more features than the supposed freeview. i also got a yearly deal for half price at the time!

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