Does Your VOIP Deal Include Free Mobile Calls?

Does Your VOIP Deal Include Free Mobile Calls?

MoneyPhone.jpgUsing VOIP for your standard telephone calls can save you a bundle on local and national calls, but when it comes to calling mobiles, the savings aren’t so evident. VOIP providers can’t dodge the interconnect charges associated with connecting to mobiles, so you’ll generally pay somewhere between 15 and 30 cents a minute. Depending on your mobile plan, it might well be cheaper to use your mobile to call other mobiles. However, there are some exceptions. MyNetFone recently updated its MegaSaver Premium Yearly plan to include 100 minutes of free mobile calls a month. MyNetFone aren’t the first to venture into these waters — GoTalk has long offered free mobile calls (subject to an acceptable usage policy) on most of its VOIP plans — but it’s still a fairly unusual move, even if it does require a long-term signup commitment. If you’re on another VOIP plan that includes free (or hugely discounted) mobile calls, share the details in the comments.


  • Pennytel has;

    Talk to you Drop
    Pay 38 minutes and get 38 minutes FREE!

    Crazy Talk.
    150 Free calls or 500 minutes (whichever comes first) to Australian Mobile every month, then 12.88 cents per minute billed by the second

    Standard Australia Mobile Rate is $0.105 per minute on the other plans.

  • hey Freedom Calls provide free international calls check them out and the most interesting part they provide a local landline numbers for it…

    So just dial the number and dial out for Free !

    . Melbourne – 0390957222
    2. Sydney – 0290869222
    3. Brisbane – 0731668111
    4. Perth – 0863635111
    5. Adelaide – 0872212444
    6. Canberra – 0262232622

    so just dial a local land line numberfrom your stage and call out for Free !

    Isnt that great guys ! its unbelivable offer

  • The future looks bleak for telcos. How much longer can they block access to their closed mobile systems from the Internet. Believe me, if web based companies out there wanted to get in from another country and offer free PC to mobile calls they could do it right now! Soon this will happen. Then where will telcos get their income from? Already landlines are unprofitable. Telcos will only be able to offer wi-fi, cell, “satellite” and CSIRO broadband systems. No phone call offerings will be profitable. There will be no companies willing to keep the existing “wire” infrustructure going.

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