Telstra slow in rolling out data bundle discounts

Telstra slow in rolling out data bundle discounts

NextGLogo.jpgBack in July, Telstra announced that it was increasing the amount of data included in its 3G data bundles (used for Internet access on your mobile phone). At the time, Telstra promised that the plan changes would be rolled over to existing customers, who would “automatically have the additional data allowance added to their plans over the coming months”. However, recently I’ve encountered several people complaining that their plans still haven’t been updated. I asked Telstra what the official timeframe for making the switch was, and got this response:

The changes to the mobile phone data packs have been implemented. If the changes are not on the current bill (as we bill for the month prior) they should be reflected on the next bill.

That still seems a tad slow to us, but it’s more precise than “in the coming months”. Have you got your discount in a prompt fashion? Tell us all in the comments.


  • when I asked this month about upgrading the plan I bought in August, a Telstra rep read aloud to me what sounded like a policy document to the effect that “customers who proactively seek the upgrade” would be given it…and by inference, vice-versa? I got 1 Gb upgraded to 5 Gb

  • I was enquiring about this very problem on Telstra’s live chat service today. The rep there told me that most customers weren’t moved until the 9th of sept which is why it’s not on my current bill. Sounds like she was saying something she shouldn’t have been 😉

  • We have a few of these services for our business and our offical telstra representative advised me in a person to person meeting that the services werent changed unless you requested it. Once we made the request the upgrade of plan was completed.

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