How To Change Siri's Voice In iOS 7

Siri sees something of an upgrade in iOS 7, including new male and female voices, multiple new languages, and some smarter commands (not to mention a few more jokes). If you’d rather speak to your iPhone or iPad in your own language, or have a male virtual assistant instead of a female one, here’s how to make the change.

How Beta Has Become A Meaningless Term In Software

Siri, Apple’s voice recognition software, is no longer being described as a beta product. But in an era where software constantly updates online, does it make sense to use the ‘beta’ label anyway?

Easily Correct Siri By Tapping The Speech Bubble

iOS: Siri can be frustrating when it doesn’t understand you correctly. If Siri doesn’t get it right the first time, you’re stuck repeating yourself into your phone and looking like a fool. However, as Redditor ThatIsPrettyGood points out, you can correct Siri by tapping the speech bubble and editing it.

Add Reminders To Astrid With Siri And Get Your To-Dos On Any Device

iOS: Astrid, one of our favourite to-do apps, now features full Siri integration. You can ask Siri to remind you of something and have it directed right to your Astrid to-do list, which you can then see on your phone, tablet or on the web.

AssistantEnhancer Adds New Commands To Siri

iOS (Jailbroken): Siri is a fine assistant if you’re using all of Apple’s default software, but it doesn’t support third-party apps. AssistantEnhancer is a jailbreak tweak that adds a bunch of new commands to Siri, including the ability to control third-party music apps including Spotify and Pandora.

Automate Everything In Your Home Using Siri And A Raspberry Pi

We’ve shared quite a few DIY tips for automating your home, but YouTube user Elvis Impersonator takes it a step further, controlling everything in his house with the help of Siri and a Raspberry Pi.

iOS 6.1 Update Suggests Imminent Jailbreak

Apple released iOS 6.1 today, which fixes some bugs in iTunes Match, adds LTE support in a number of new countries and plugs quite a few security flaws. More excitingly, the release increases the likelihood that we’ll finally see an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.

Teach Siri To Correctly Recognise And Pronounce Names

Siri isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, and she often misunderstands unusual words and names. Fortunately, you can teach her how to speak properly by adding phonetic pronunciations to your contacts.

Ask Siri For Directions 'Via Transit' To Use Google Maps Instead Of Apple Maps

We’re happily using Google Maps on our iPhones, but find it frustrating that using Siri to ask for directions with anything other than Apple’s default app requires a bit of work. Software blog Addictive Tips found a clever workaround: you only need to say “via transit” after your request and Siri will offer other routing options.

How To Ask Siri For Directions On Google Maps

iOS: We’re all excited to have Google Maps back on our iPhones, but the app loses some of its usefulness because it doesn’t integrate with Siri. If you want to ask iOS’ virtual assistant for directions, however, MacStories figured out a workaround to map your favourite places with minimal effort (and no jailbreak required).