Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Wash My Fruit And Vegetables Before Eating?

Dear Lifehacker, Pesticides and disease-causing bacteria aren’t welcome guests on my fruits and vegetables. But does washing really remove them? And do I have to buy a special product, or can I whip something up at home that’s just as good?

No, Radiation From Wi-Fi Isn't Killing You

Tomorrow at TedX Sydney’s Opera House event, high-profile neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will talk about brain cancer. Last Saturday Teo was on Channel 7’s Sunrise program talking about the often malignant cancer that in 2012 killed 1,241 Australians.

Can You Exercise After Getting Over A Bug?

Running picture from Shutterstock

As we move into winter, the cold mornings, dark evenings and rain tend to bring out the best excuses to miss a session at the gym or run around the park. But if you’re feeling tired and run down, can exercise actually make you sick? And should you wait until you’ve completely recovered before putting those runners back on?

What Baboons Can Teach Us About Social Media

“Birds of a feather flock together” is a saying that exists in a number of different languages. “Gambá cheira gambá” (opossums smell other opossums) in Brazilian Portuguese is a particularly colourful example. The reason is that like-minded people like to hang out together across many cultures. And it seems the same is true of baboons.

Food Doesn't Rot In Your Stomach, And Other Digestion Myths Debunked

Our digestive system is a wonderful and complex thing, but it’s not so complex that you need to carefully calibrate your meals to avoid food rotting in your stomach. That’s the bogus theory of “food combining”, and here’s why it’s nonsense.

How To Avoid The Dreaded 'Carb Coma'

Carb-heavy meals are notorious for making you hungry and cranky later in the day, not to mention gaining weight. But if you really want to eat your pasta and potatoes, you can make the meal easier for your body to deal with by adding other food to it. Pancakes and bacon are a better bet than pancakes alone.

How Shoppers Get Conned By Supermarket 'Deals'

On first glance, it seems that supermarkets are offering consumers great deals these days. Many do save us money and the majority of consumers manage the task of judging the value of a deal. However, our new research shows confusion among some consumers about how much they’re saving through price promotions.

Studies Aren't Everything We Know: Some Drug Trials Never Get Published

Clinical trials are the basis of doctors’ understanding of whether a drug is safe and effective. But the trials that get published aren’t the whole story: Those that aren’t favourable to the pharma companies’ bottom line can often get swept under the rug.

If We Actually Followed The Paleo Diet, We'd Be Cannibals

The so-called palaeodiet, and now even the palaeo-epigenetic diet, has come under a lot of scrutiny of late for making wild and unsubstantiated claims and for being downright dangerous to our health. I think it’s fair to ask if we’re serious about the palaeolifestyle, then just how far are we prepared to take this obsession with our Stone Age heritage and its claimed benefits?

'Clinically Tested' Skin Care Products May Not Be Tested At All

Lotions and other skin care products often boast that they are “clinically tested” or “dermatologist tested”. These terms don’t refer to the same kinds of clinical tests that a drug would undergo, and in many cases probably mean nothing.