Juicing Unlocks More Vitamins, But Also Calories And Sugar

Proponents of juicing say it’s a great way to stuff more vitamins and phytonutrients into your diet. Fruit juice has also been criticised as a sugary, fibre-free drink no better for you than cola. What’s the truth? A new study shows that orange juice does make certain nutrients more accessible to your body, but not enough to recommend juice over whole fruit.

There's No Evidence That Probiotics Do Good Things For Your Health

The terms probiotics and prebiotics are appearing on more items in supermarket aisles all the time. Both words, their placement and the products they adorn, imply they’re good for you, that more of these bacteria will help you in some way. But there’s actually scant evidence for such claims.

How Too Much Fat And Sugar Can Wreck Your Brain

Do you eat only when you’re actually hungry? Many of us eat even when our bodies don’t need food. Just the thought of food entices us to eat. We think about food when we see other people eating, when we pass a favorite fast-food restaurant, when we see a scrumptious snack near the check-out at a convenience store. In addition, we’re the targets of sophisticated advertising techniques designed to keep thoughts of food and the pleasures of eating almost constantly in our minds.

Why Milk Alternatives Are Unhealthy

There’s a milk revolution going on in supermarkets and it’s showing no sign of retreat. Where formerly we might have had a simple choice between cow milk and soy milk, with a few other niche products available in the bigger supermarkets, suddenly we’re facing a bewildering range: almond or macadamia milk? Cow, sheep, or goat? Coconut? Rice, oat or quinoa?

How To See Lovejoy, The Christmas Comet, From Australia

In the mood for some comet watching? Ian Musgrave explains how to locate Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy, known as Lovejoy, in the Australian sky.

Why BMI Isn't A Helpful Measurement

This month, the toxic combination of extreme heat and summer holidays will probably mean that you’re going to expose more flesh than you would like to someone whose opinion you care about.

How NASA Deals With BYOD: Build Your Own Petting Zoo

Ever wondered how the planet’s peak space agency manages its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program? We spoke to the agency’s chief technology officer to find out. Hint: it involves building a petting zoo.

How Adding An Extra Second Will Mess Up Computers This Year

Why is an extra “leap second” being added to clocks in June this year, and what hassles will that create for computer systems? Markus Kuhn from the University of Cambridge explains.

How Quantum Steering Could Improve IT Security

One of the bigger challenges in online security is finding a way to effectively share data and be sure it isn’t intercepted. Research led by the Centre for Quantum Dynamics at Griffith University has identified a mechanism for doing this effectively via quantum computing, using a technique known as “quantum steering”.

Why Hitting The Snooze Button Is Bad For You

It’s 6.30am and after a long holiday break, your alarm clock is insistently telling you it’s time to get out of bed. For many people — me included — the automatic reaction is to hit the snooze button, often more than once.