Free Sleep Sounds Plays Soothing Sounds To Help You Relax Or Doze Off

iOS: If you could use a little help falling asleep, Free Sleep Sounds for iPhone offers a library of nature and other soothing sounds to help you relax after a long day. You get long, real recordings too, not short loops, and a sleep timer so your phone isn’t on all night.

Stop Trying To 'Earn' Leisure And Put Relaxation On Your To-Do List

Many of us feel like we have to justify doing nothing. Even if you’re not a workaholic, you’ve probably felt guilty at some point for watching TV instead of getting things done. If so, chances are you have your priorities mixed up.

Doze Endlessly Streams Relaxing Music Without Ads

Android: The next time you need to meditate, relax or fall asleep, fire up Doze on your Android phone and let its relaxing sounds take over. The app has a minimalistic interface and is completely free, without any ads.

Lift's Guide To Meditation Is A Data-Driven Introduction For Beginners

You already know that meditation has real benefits, both emotionally and physically, but getting started is easier said than done. Finding the right type of meditation for you can be difficult. That’s why the team at Lift put together this guide for beginners who want a more instructive approach.

This Music Is Designed To Help You Relax And Sleep

The right kind of music can soothe us into a perfect state of relaxation. Add this scientifically based, hour-long video to your nighttime playlist to get more sleep.

How To Breathe Properly

You might think there’s only one way to breathe — the way you do naturally — but you’d be wrong. Certain methods take more work than others, and you can improve your health by doing it better.

How You Can Learn To Finally, Really Relax

It seems like relaxing is something everyone should be able to do, but those of us who are constantly stressed, are workaholics, or have certain health issues don’t have an easy “off” switch. Relaxation is something we actually have to learn and practise, much like happiness. And, like happiness, learning to relax is extremely important for your health and well-being. Let’s take a look at the ways we can beat chronic tension and finally slow down.

The Busy Person's Guide To Reducing Stress

Stress is one of the biggest causes of health problems in many peoples’ lives: it can cause heart disease, depression, anxiety attacks, sleep problems, auto-immune diseases, weight problems and more. But we’re busy — how do we drop the stress levels down while still getting our jobs done, and taking care of ourselves and our families?

Ask LH: What's The Difference Between All These Types Of Massages?

Dear Lifehacker, I really need a massage, but I’m confused by the dozens of different types to choose from. What’s the difference between a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage and a Shiatsu massage? How do I know which one to pick?

Why You Should Seek Quiet Every Day

Every day around 3pm, my brain gets weary. I’ve tried numerous techniques to counter this challenge: coffee (especially when McDonald’s is giving away free smalls), splashing cold water on my face, surfing around online, snacking. Yet I’ve found one technique to be the most effective: going for a walk.