How To Manage Your Tolerance For Physical Pain

Physical pain can be intimidating. Whether it’s a soreness after waking up, a sports injury or an unexpected twinge, pain can be scary if you aren’t mentally prepared to deal with it. We spoke to a few experts to learn how you can deal with — and prepare for — physical pain without feeling overwhelmed or freaked out.

Five Peaceful Places To Take Micro-Retreats During The Workday

On a regular workday, it’s easy to feel starved of peace. We crave peace and quiet so much that we’ll pay to spend time in a peaceful place. But there are peaceful places everywhere, perfect for quickly recharging and disconnecting from your workday. Here are some places you can go during your break to renew your energy.

Try Writing For Meditation If Sitting Still Isn't Working For You

Meditation has loads of benefits, and you can do it many ways. Many practices focus on sitting still, but you can also meditate while writing.

Use This Deep Breathing Technique To Calm Yourself

How you breathe can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional health. If you’re about to head into a high-stress situation, or just want to calm yourself from an existing one, this technique can help you focus on better breathing while distracting you from the trouble at hand.

Lower Your Stress By Doing One Thing For Yourself, Every Day

We’re all busy and have a lot of things to juggle at once. Maintain your sanity by being a little more selfish with your time and making time to do one thing just for yourself, every day.

Noizio Plays Ambient Sounds To Help You Focus

Mac: There are plenty of tools to help you focus with a little ambient sound, whether it’s raindrops falling, the buzz of a cafe or something else. Noizio is a little different, because it brings those sounds to the desktop in the form of a menubar app for your Mac.

Why Anxiety Wakes You Up At Night, And How To Reclaim Your Rest

Waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety can ruin anyone’s night. You’re panicked, frustrated, worried, and you may not sleep well even if you do manage to doze. You don’t have to sit awake all night though. Here’s how anxiety messes with our sleep, and how you can fight back.

Book A 'Microadventure' When You Don't Have Time To Travel

Most people think that travel is something you have to save up for, both time and money-wise. But if you’re lacking in either (or both), consider planning a microadventure — a short, local, inexpensive activity to de-stress.

'Stop, Breathe & Think' Customises Meditations For Beginners

iOS/Android/Web: If you’re trying to do more mindful meditation, you may need some help starting out. This app reminds you to meditate during the day and gives you easy suggestions for your first few times.

Bill Murray's Advice On Relaxing Your Way To High Performance

Although you might be passionate about what you do, you don’t need to be stressed to do it well. In fact, you may actually perform your best when you’re the most relaxed.