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Ask LH: How Can I Get Over The Summer Productivity Slump?

Dear Lifehacker, The hot summer weather is really dragging me down at work. I’m finding it harder to get things done and stay motivated, when all I really feel like doing is leaving work early and relaxing at the pool. Is there any cure for the summertime slump?

The Case For 'Eating The Frog' Later In The Day

You’ve probably heard the old “eat the frog” advice, which says you should tackle your most dreaded task first thing in the morning. This works well for some of us, but there’s a solid case to be made for eating the frog later.

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Make Plans But Don't Follow Through

Humans are prolific procrastinators. It’s easy to make plans and throw dates on your calendar, and yet it’s practically inevitable that you’ll let some deadlines fly by with reckless abandon. Our brains simply prefer instant rewards to long-term payoffs. Given this tendency, we often have to resort to crazy strategies to get things done.

When You Need More Energy, Do Something Active, Not Passive

When you’re not feeling super energetic, your first instinct might be to chill out on the couch and relax. If you want to get your energy back, though, do something more active than watch Netflix.

Levelling Up Your Life: What Would Your Level 50 Look Like?

Think of role-playing games where we spend hours levelling up our character so we can slay dragons and complete world-changing missions. You start out with just a cloth tunic and a rusted dagger, but eventually you build yourself into an unstoppable force. Why not approach your life goals the same way?

Focus Your Goal Strategy On What Motivates You, Not Other People

You should go to the gym! All the pulled muscles and sweating in front of strangers will feel great and you’ll be motivated to get in better shape, right? No? Well maybe you need a motivation plan that works more for you.

Give Each Item On Your To-Do List A Purpose To Get Motivated

We all have days where we feel completely unmotivated to get through our daily tasks. To boost your motivation and power through those tasks, give each item on your to-do list a specific purpose.

Consider Going The Extra Inch Instead Of The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is a great way to separate yourself from the pack, but it’s not the only way. Instead of going the extra mile every once in a while, consider going the extra inch with every single thing you do.

Practice 'Benign Envy' To Make Your Jealousy More Useful

It’s normal to be a little jealous of someone else every once in a while. The big question is what you do with that feeling. If you’re jealous of someone, but know that you could achieve the same thing if you tried, practising “benign envy” could help.

Wait Until You've Done Something To Post It Publicly For Better Motivation

Talking about your goals publicly can be a good way to motivate yourself to do better. However, you may want to wait until you’ve taken the first step before making an announcement to really take advantage of the effect.

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