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Prioritise Your Tasks By Motivation Instead Of Time With Activity Blocks

Loss of motivation can kill your productivity, but if you can switch things up while you work, you’ll keep yourself fresh and focused. Prioritising and scheduling tasks into activity blocks that aren’t constrained by time can help.

The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination: It's Not About Willpower

Procrastination is a universal problem. Even the most irritatingly well-organised people know the agony of putting something off until the last… possible… minute. Why do we put ourselves through this misery, knowing the consequences? And how can we overcome the urge?

Create A Personal 'Fitness Mantra' To Stay Motivated To Work Out

On those days you second guess yourself for setting a 6am alarm to hit the gym, or skip happy hour in favour of a run, come up with and recite your own fitness personal mantra. Since it will be based on your own ideals and values, it’s a powerful reminder to keep you motivated.

Your Workspace Doesn't Need To Inspire You, It Needs To Be Novel

My most productive places to work are coffee shops. They’re not particularly inspirational. In fact, they’re usually loud and uncomfortable, yet I get stuff done faster and more efficiently while I’m there. Writer Asher Stephenson has a theory behind why this happens: it’s about novelty.

Put Your Done List At The Forefront For Extra Motivation

Keep the things you’ve recently accomplished at the top of your mind, and you might boost your momentum and productivity. That’s how Lyndi Thompson, a demand marketer at Tableau, organises her Trello board. The board is also structured for an agile workflow, with lists that track current tasks and “next up”.

Mastering The Art Of 'Just Start'

For most of us, there is nothing more daunting than coming face-to-face with a blank page. Sure, a tabula rasa means you can take a project in any direction, but that boundlessness can quickly become overwhelming.

Boost Your Motivation By Focusing On Possible Losses, Not Gains

Want an extra push to achieve your goals? According to recent research, you might be able to boost your motivation by 50 per cent by simply reframing an incentive.

You Don't Need To Be Motivated All The Time, Just At The Right Time

Unproductive guilt is real. That feeling you get when you think you should be doing more, even if you’ve already worked yourself to death. Here’s the trick: you don’t need to be running constantly.

David Allen's Advice For Avoiding Decision Paralysis

Motivation is fleeting, which is why it’s important to build a solid system for getting stuff done. This way, you make it as easy as possible to achieve your goals, even on low-motivation days. When you second guess your system, though, you defeat the purpose. David Allen reminds us: trust your system.

Create With A Sense Of Urgency If You Really Want To Build Your Career

Most of the best artists and productive people you know have one thing in common: For them, “I’ll get to it later” wasn’t acceptable. If you want to create, do it with a sense of urgency.

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