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It may sound like a pretty simple question, but there's more to the decision we're willing to bet. You may have a habit in place, like you shower in the morning to get pumped and energised for the day, or you shower at the end to wash off the stress and dirt of a long day. Which is it for you?


Staying motivated at work during the last few weeks of December can be surprisingly difficult. You're supposed to be working on a new project but all you can think about is the impending Christmas break and the year ahead. If you're having a hard time staying productive, these science-based hacks are here to help.


For most of my life, I've just drifted. I would work passionately at one thing for a while, then I'd burn out on that thing and move on to something else. I felt like I had a good grip on what I needed to do today, but in terms of thinking about the big picture of my life, I just didn't have any idea.