Stop Your Tasks Right Before They Get Fun Each Day

When you’re working on a big project that’s going to take multiple sessions, it might feel intuitive to work until you aren’t enjoying it anymore. You might be better off, however, stopping right when you’re starting to have fun.

Dietbet Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, With Friends

A little social support goes a long way towards making positive changes, but putting something on the line helps too. Dietbet does both and lets you combine your efforts with friends. You put some money into the collective pot, everyone commits to a goal and a period of time to complete it, and the people who make the goal split the pot.

Focus On The Skills You Have Instead Of Following Your Passion

“Follow your passion” might be common career guidance, but is it good advice? Success can also come from refining the skills that you already possess, rather than worrying if your job is right for you.

Betchyu Helps You Reach Goals By Asking Friends To Bet Against You

iOS: Most apps that use social support to help you reach your goals encourage your friends to bet on your success. Betchyu on the other hand asks your friends to bet against you, and encourages you to prove them wrong. It’s a little sadistic, but if you’re competitive, it could work.

Why We Brag About Being Busy (And How To Regain Focus)

We have a problem — and the odd thing is we not only know about it, we’re celebrating it. Just today, someone boasted to me that she was so busy she’s averaged four hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks. She wasn’t complaining; she was proud of the fact. She is not alone.

What To Put In Your Personal Mission Statement

Writing a personal mission statement is a great way to decide what you really want to do with your life, but it can hard trying to figure out what to include in that statement. Fast Company has a few ideas to get you started.

Easy Ways To Refresh Your Run And Make It More Fun

Running is one of the best cardio workouts, but it can also be repetitive and boring. Whether you’re an experienced runner, new to running or looking for a reason to start running, these tips can get you on your feet.

Stop Wasting Time On Things That Don't Have A Purpose In Your Life

The above record player was designed by Dieter Rams, whose style of minimalism has become iconic (not to mention, a style that heavily influenced Apple). The concept behind this brand of minimalism applies not only to making hardware, but to our lives: if something doesn’t have a purpose, get rid of it.

Focus On Production Rather Than Perfection When Overwhelmed With Ideas

While having too few ideas is what most people complain about, it can also be difficult to keep on track when you have too many ideas floating around. If you’re losing focus, try thinking less about things and just executing an idea.

You Don't Need Permission To Start Your Dream Job Or Business

We’ve all been there. You have an idea for a project but you don’t get started on it. You’re timid and worried about failing, and so you seek advice from someone else or wait for the right circumstances. Here’s the truth though: you don’t need anyone’s permission.