Write Your First Draft Like No One Will Read It To Beat Writer's Block

Writer’s block happens for many reasons, but fear of reader judgement is a big one. To overcome this, write your first draft for no one but yourself.

The Benefits Of Intentionally Failing On Your Diet

I’ve listened to many reasons people fail on diets. One of the most cited is “life got in the way.” A wedding, bachelor party or happy hour can derail even those who claim the highest of willpower. Here’s a solution that’s so simple it’s often overlooked.

Stop Waiting For The 'Next Big Idea' And Try The Smaller Ones

We’re constantly bombarded with stories of people who are doing incredible things and it often makes us think we need a big idea to get started. However, it’s often the little ideas that lead to big things.

Set A Theme Each Month For A Year Of Self-Improvement

Trying to improve yourself is a worthwhile but tough endeavour. To make things easier, pick a focus for each month and set goals to stay on track.

Embrace Discomfort By Pursuing More 'First Times'

Discomfort is an essential part of the learning process, which is why it’s a shame we avoid it so much. Make yourself accustomed to constructive discomfort by finding new “firsts” to engage in.

How To Get Back On Track After Disappointing Yourself

You’ve probably experienced at least one time when you know you could have done better. Whether you wanted to keep a resolution, reach a goal, or do better on a project, it’s important to get back on track so you set the tone for all areas of your life.

Anger Can Become Productive Fuel If You Calm Your Aggression

Anger can be useful; it alerts you when something isn’t in your best interest, or when a situation is unfair or injust. However, anger can lead to aggressive reactions, which are often impulsive and unproductive. Separate your anger and aggression, then learn to calm your aggression to resolve problems.

How To Use Nostalgia To Your Advantage (Instead Of Getting Stuck)

Nostalgia — that sentimental emotion that often sends us down YouTube rehashing our youth — is, psychologically speaking, a useful emotion that helps us deal with loneliness and loss. However, if you’re not careful, you can get stuck reminiscing instead of moving forward.

Behaviour Multipliers: Four Factors That Can Lead To Success

Our constant quest to achieve more and work faster results is a trap. We get so obsessed with the goal that we forget to consider the factors that can help our hinder our success. Here are four behaviour multipliers that can help you along the way toward your goals.

Stop Complaining About How Hard You Work

“Ugh. I’m so overworked.” It’s such a common mantra that it could almost become a motto for some of us. However, complaining about how much you work rarely does anything but hide your problems or make you feel worse. So stop.