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The Best Way To Reach Your Goals May Be Publicly Recording Your Progress

We’ve talked about using the public to motivate you before, but a recent meta-analysis of 138 different studies and experiments suggests it may, in fact, be the best method for making any real progress toward your goals. Offers Smart Reminders To Keep You Inspired, Make Or Break Habits

To-dos are easy to remember if you have an app with reminders. Principles, personal goals, things that motivate you, or reminders to help you build good habits (or break bad ones) are trickier, and not well handled by apps that just ping until you ignore them. That’s where comes in, with a more habit-based approach.

Stop In The Middle Of A Task To Make It Easier To Start Working Later

Some days, it’s really hard to dig into work. You’re tired, you’re demotivated, and you’re dreading your to-do list. One way to always make getting started easier is to stop your work in the middle of a task the day before.

Find Out What To Focus On Next With This Motivation Matrix

You probably have a lot of activities you’re interested in or involved in, and knowing where to focus can be tough. This exercise helps you find the activities to keep working on so you can increase your confidence and motivation.

Plan Your Cheat Meals With A 'Risk Vs. Reward' Mindset

“Everything in moderation,” they say, but how much is moderation exactly? One doughnut a day, or a dozen over a week? Instead of relying on an overused, vague mantra, look at decisions to “cheat on your diet” in terms of risk versus reward to make better judgment calls on “treating yo’self!”

What To Do When Returning To The Gym After A Long Break

If you’ve been away from your exercise routine for a long time and want to return to form, you might be tempted to pick up where you left off. But you could end up hurting yourself or getting so sore that you vow to never step foot in the gym again. Here’s how you can be smart about your triumphant return.

The 'Paper Towel' Analogy Explains Why Weight Loss Is A Slow Process

When we try to lose weight, the process can be so agonisingly slow that you’d wonder if it’s even happening at all. With the right effort, it is, and slowness is completely normal (and better for your long-term health). Here’s a perfect analogy to keep your mindset positive and motivation high: Think of that fat like a new roll of paper towels.

Think About Your Alternate Reality When You Feel Like Giving Up On A Goal

Some days, the road to becoming healthier or more fit is fraught with bumps, obstacles, and confusing junctions. It might feel easier to just throw in the towel because dealing with these hazards can be such a hassle, but before you give up, try to imagine your alternate reality to renew your motivation.

Ease The Guilt From A Weekend Binge By Asking A Simple Question

The beginning of the week can often feel like the bottom of an alleyway dumpster from the weekend benders, poker night, or simply staying in with Netflix and an entire pizza. But dwelling on what you’ve (or shouldn’t have) done only makes things worse. Here’s how you can get over your remorse and move on.

The Best Time For A Break Might Be The Mid-Morning, Not The Afternoon

The afternoon is when most of us hit a productivity wall and feel the need for a break, but a new study suggests that it might be better to conserve your energy earlier in the day.

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