Give A Motivating Pep Talk By Following These Four Steps

Pep talks are hard. You need to boost your friend’s morale and listen all while not patronising them. Over on The Wall Street Journal, you can find a set of steps that will help you give the best pep talk ever.

Stay Motivated Throughout The Year By Keeping A Success Board

Acknowledging and celebrating your victories, however small, plays an important part in keeping yourself motivated. A success board is a simple way see what you’ve accomplished this year, and motivate you to take on what’s next.

'Happiness Is Not The Endgame'

Sometimes, we like to think that happiness is a goal that we’re all reaching for. However,actress and writer Rashida Jones suggests that approach isn’t really that useful.

Why You Should Go For A Walk When You Need Creative Inspiration

You know the scenario. You’re looking for a creative idea and it’s just not coming. Inspiration isn’t exactly cooperative. If you’re in need of an idea and don’t have time to set yourself up for inspiration, try going for a walk.

'Prestige Warps Even Your Beliefs About What You Enjoy'

Getting outside approval is reaffirming, especially in your career. But it also means you’re gaining your direction from where other people want you to go — not where you want to go.

The Real Benefit To Working Out With A Buddy

It turns out there are real performance benefits to working out with a buddy. But aside from motivation from moral support and distracting you from the pain, those improvements can also come from another interesting source: insecurity.

If You're Worried You Don't Measure Up, That's A Good Sign

We know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but we still do it. The good news is that if you’re worried that you don’t measure up to the people around you, that’s probably a pretty good indication that you’re on the right path.

You Might Never Love Exercise (But Do It Anyway)

There seems to be a cultural consensus that you have to love fitness. People will tell you that if you don’t like exercising, it’s just because you haven’t found what you like, or you’re not doing it frequently enough to engage a positive feedback loop. As a fitness writer and coach who has been training consistently for over a decade, I can confidently say that I don’t like exercising, and that’s OK.

Finish Your Projects Gracefully By Planning For Their Deaths

Chances are good you’ve started more projects in your life than you’ve finished. Some of them might have even gone on for a long time before you let them fade. If you find yourself faced with letting a project go, plan for its death so you can exit gracefully and move on to the next thing.

Why 'Treat Yourself' Undermines The Habits You're Trying To Build

When you’re developing a new, responsible habit, it’s tempting to break the habit every once in a while as a reward for good behaviour. The problem is, this actually undermines the good behaviour. Instead, try building the rewards into the system itself.