Use The Paper Clip Strategy To Build Good Habits

When it comes to building good habits, there’s no magic bullet. Consistency is key. If you’re trying to build a new habit, or just stick with an old one, try the paper clip strategy.

Life Lessons From Power Rangers That Have Stuck With Me Forever

Kids shows are pretty cheesy. Power Rangers, doubly so. The idea of learning real, adult life lessons from the shows we loved as kids sounds silly, but sometimes things stick with you. Here’s what the Power Rangers taught me that actually stuck around. Seriously.

Embrace Selective Short-Term Memory To Move Past Failure Quickly

Screwing up sucks. When you fail at something, it’s easy to get down on yourself and let it undermine your confidence. Rather than wrestling with your failure endlessly, sometimes it may be better to indulge in a little short-term memory loss to get over that hump.

Reset An Unproductive Morning By Taking A Shower

Sometimes you just want to rest on Saturday and Sunday, but other times you have stuff to get done. Taking a shower, even if you’ve already done so, can help you reset your day and get back on track.

How To Discover Your 'Authentic' Self And Live The Life You Really Want

Being yourself seems self-explanatory: just wake up and do what you want to do, without following the crowds, without fear of judgment. But that’s not how the world works. We tend to stifle our authentic selves to fit in without even realising it. And doing so suppresses our creativity, ingenuity and self-awareness.

How To Recover From An Unproductive Day Like It Never Happened

We all have unproductive days. Maybe an unexpected event throws your schedule for a loop. Maybe you’re not feeling well. Whatever the reason, it can be tough to get back on track. Here’s how to get past the dip in productivity and back into gear.

Remind Yourself That Emotions Don't Matter To Muster Motivation

“I’m not feeling up to it” is a known killer. This phrase has gotten away with the brutal murder of countless hours of productivity and accomplishment. Yet we keep allowing it to do so, because we fail to acknowledge a simple truth: you don’t need to feel like doing something to do it.

How To Defeat The Most Common Self-Fulfilling Fitness Prophecies

“I’ve ruined my diet” is a motivation-crushing phrase. We like to think that we’re a pretty trustworthy analyst of our own fitness lives, but we’re often wrong — and making our own bleak analysis can actually cause a bad outcome.

Watch Kermit The Frog Explain How To Tap Into Everyday Creativity

We often assume that creativity is something only artists need. However, as notable artist, producer and amphibian Kermit the Frog explains, keeping your mind open to accept and play with different ideas can improve anyone’s work.

When 'Every Little Bit Helps' Improve Your Health, And When It Doesn't

When it comes to building better habits, small changes set the stage for much larger ones. However, once you’re moving and have a goal, small steps matter less and less — especially if they hold you back. In this post, we’ll look at when “every little bit” is actually beneficial, and when it’s more of a hindrance than a help.