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The Trail Bend Desktop

Reader Spencer put together this custom desktop on his Mac with just the widgets and tools he wanted visible. The wallpaper is one of his own photos, but the rest is easy to get on your own if you want a similar look.

The Arch Terminal Desktop

This linux desktop is an homage to one of our favourite distributions, Arch Linux — and reader KudalGadgil shared it with us in our desktop show and tell pool. Here’s how you can get a similar look.

How To Prevent MacOS Sierra From Downloading Automatically 

Mac: Apple flipped a switch that makes it so your Mac can now automatically download its newest operating system, macOS Sierra. If you’re not a fan of this behaviour, it’s easy to disable.

Deals: Pay What You Want For 13 Award Winning Mac Apps

We love our Macs, but some of the best apps out there are sold separately. The 13 apps in this Award-Winning Mac Bundle are proof.

This premium collection brings together a slew of highly regarded, powerful apps to give you a big productivity boost. Best of all, the contents are yours for a price you choose.

Swap To Non-Latin Keyboard Layouts In MacOS Sierra With The Caps Lock Key

Mac: If you swap between a Western and a non-Latin keyboard layout on your Mac, like Hebrew, Chinese or Kannada, you’d usually need to do so by clicking an option in the menu bar. MacWorld points out you can set the Caps Lock key to easily swap between keyboards.

The Optical Desktop

Frequent contributor JonRedcorn2 switches up his desktops on the reg, and this recent one caught our eye. It’s symmetrical and interesting, and isn’t too busy with widgets and tools. Here’s how you can get the same look.

Silent Site Sound Blocker Only Lets Whitelisted Tabs Play Audio

Chrome: We’ve all been there — you open a site in a new tab, and it starts playing audio in the background. Or worse, you open it in the foreground and it starts a video in some random corner of the page while you read an article. Silent Site Sound Blocker puts an end to that nonsense for good.

Clean Your Cluttered Hard Drive With MacOS Sierra's New Storage Manager

One of the new, handy features in macOS Sierra takes care of something you probably don’t think much about: Cluttered files filling up your hard drive. Now there’s a built-in utility that replaces those third-party tools and makes it easy to find space-hogging files and old applications.

The Synthwave Desktop

This desktop is actually a second screen, ever so customised with a couple of elements that really fit the theme and give us a dose of that 80s nostalgia. The primary display uses the same desktop, but this one’s the one worth talking about. Here’s what you’ll need to get the same look.

Bring Up Siri On MacOS Sierra With A Keyboard Shortcut

Mac: Siri is one of the landmark features in Sierra, but while you can call it up in three different ways, a keyboard shortcut is probably the most useful.

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