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F.lux For Mac Adds 'Backwards Alarm Clock' To Show How Much Sleep You're Missing

Mac: F.lux is a great app for changing the temperature of your display when you’re working late at night, but working late at night also tends to mean you’re skipping sleep. The Mac version of the app now has a new “Backwards alarm clock” that counts down the time until your alarm goes off.

Aura Turns Gmail Alerts Into OS X Native Notifications

Mac: You can set up notifications for Gmail in a variety of ways. But if you prefer the web app to a desktop app you can’t easily get native notification support. Aura makes that possible.

Dropzone Gets An Interface Update, Keyboard Shortcuts And More

Mac: Dropzone is one of our favourite ways to handle moving around files. Today’s update makes it a much more seamless experience.

Photoflow For Mac Is A Beautiful Desktop Client For Instagram

If you’re an Instagram junkie, love following photographers, exploring hashtags and photos in your area, or just have lots of friends or followers on the service, Photoflow for Mac might be worth its price tag for you. You get most the features of the mobile apps or web site, and some additional ones you may not be expecting.

Ask LH: How Do I Make Wired Backups With My AirPort Time Capsule?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to set up my Mac’s AirPort Time Capsule strictly for backup and storage. The Apple rep I spoke to told me to get a Cat5 cable, but these are old and difficult to get hold of. So my question is: will a Cat6 cable work with this setup? Also, how complicated is it to get working?

Parallels Desktop 11 For Mac Brings Windows 10 And Cortana To OS X

You can already run Windows 10 on Mac through Apple Boot Camp but Parallels’ new Desktop for Mac software is bringing some extra features to the OS X Windows 10 experience with improved performance and Cortana. Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

How To Run Windows 10 On Your Mac

Mac users who are itching to try out Windows 10 can do so thanks to Apple’s Boot Camp software. You’ll need a few things to get started.

GitHub Launches New Windows And Mac Apps With Simplified Workflows

Windows/Mac: GitHub has released new desktop apps for both Windows and Mac that aim to make cross-platform work between the two a lot easier.

Set A Default Finder Window Size With A Relaunch

Finder windows on OS X are a bit finicky. One time you’ll open it and it will be tiny, another time it will be huge. Over on MacWorld, they take a look at why this happens and came up with a way to set a more default behaviour.

CARROT Weather Comes To Mac, And The iOS App Gets Improvements To Match

Mac/iOS: CARROT Weather is a goofy, fun take on boring old weather forecasts that makes checking the weather a little more entertaining. Today, it’s launching on Mac alongside some improvements to the iOS app.

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