Use Time Machine's Local Snapshots To Restore Lost Files

Time Machine is a great way to back up your computer. If you’re using a Mac laptop with Time Machine enabled, How-To Geek points out there’s a local backup file packed with previous versions of files that might be useful if you mess something up when you’re on the go.

Sort Notification Center Items By Time To Make Them More Useful

Mac: By default, the Notification Center on Mac sorts items manually. That’s fine for many people, but if you’d prefer to sort notifications with the most recent notification at the top, iDownloadBlog points to a setting you might have missed.

BaseLift Is A Portable, Lightweight Laptop Stand For MacBooks

Laptop stands are a great way to elevate your laptop to make typing more comfortable, but they’re not exactly portable. BaseLift sticks to the bottom of your MacBook and raises it just a little to make it easier to type.

Set Your Mac's Sleep Time With A Terminal Command

Mac: Terminal commands are great for managing a remote computer, writing scripts or Automating your computer. Here’s a handy terminal command that lets you set a delay for sleep and overrides system preferences.

Change The Notification Center Icon On Your Mac To Whatever You Want

The Notification Center icon in Yosemite is pretty bland. If you want to spice things up a bit, iDownloadBlog shows you how to swap it out with a new icon.

Instantly Extract Images From Mac Apps With Preview

Need to get a high-resolution version of an app icon or just want to check out an app’s various assets? iDownloadBlog points out that you can easily check out all those images by just dragging and dropping an app to the Preview app.

CDock Customises The Background And Colour Of Your Mac's Dock

Mac: Apple doesn’t give you many options for customising your dock from the System Preferences. Free app cDock lets you customise the colours and backgrounds to your heart’s content.

15 Shortcuts You Can Do With Apple's New Trackpad

Apple’s new MacBook and MacBook Pros have a new Force Touch trackpad that adds pressure sensitivity. With that comes all kinds of new gestures and tricks, and 9to5Mac details 15 of the best ones in the video above.

Tether Locks And Unlocks Your Mac Automatically With Your iPhone

iPhone/Mac: We’ve seen apps that unlock and lock your Mac from your iPhone before. Tether is not only one of the easiest to use tools out there, it’s also free.