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Spruce Up Your Home Gym With Mirrors And Good Lighting

Your home gym might be in the corner of a boring area of your house, but it doesn’t have to feel like it is. Creative use of mirrors, lighting and dividers can make your workout spot a pleasant and interesting place to be.

Level Up Your Plank Workout: 11 Planks To Build Core Strength

When you were a kid, you probably did sit-ups at school for an ab workout. But is the sit-up the best ab exercise? That’s actually a simple question. No way! There are far better ab exercises than a simple sit-up, which can exacerbate back problems and only focuses on one small area of the abdominals.

Būband Adds Support To The Sports Bra You're Already Wearing

Finding the perfect sports bra can be tricky. You need a wide band, full coverage in the front, straps that don’t dig in and the right material that allows for comfort without bouncing. That’s a tall order, so Būband went a different direction. Their band suppresses bounce, and your regular sports bra does the rest.

The Perks Of Lifting With Free Weights Instead Of Machines

You walk into the gym for a weight lifting session and you’re immediately given a choice: do you grab the free weights or hop on one of the machines? Here’s an explanation for when you should use both.

Why We Get Headaches From Exercise

Headaches happen for myriad reasons: dehydration, eyestrain, drinking a wee bit much the previous night and exercising. Yes, exercise too, and they’re just as annoying as any other headache. Here’s the difference between exercise headaches and regular head pains, and how you can best treat or avoid them.

The Right Way To Run Up And Down Hills, According To A Running Coach

Running with the wrong form up and down hills can slow you down, reducing the effectiveness of your training and do damage to your joints. These tips will keep in you ship shape through all the ups and downs.

Ask LH: How Can I Make My Body More Flexible?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve never been very flexible. I can’t touch my toes and most yoga poses are a struggle. What are the least stretches needed, and most effective, to improve flexibility throughout my whole body?

Ask LH: Does Napping Change Your Metabolism?

Dear Lifehacker, I hear a high metabolism is good for losing weight and keeping healthy, so I try to stay active. However, I love my afternoon naps! Sometimes I’m just tired, but they keep me productive. Sleeping slows your metabolism down though. Am I undoing all my good work?

Create A Personal 'Fitness Mantra' To Stay Motivated To Work Out

On those days you second guess yourself for setting a 6am alarm to hit the gym, or skip happy hour in favour of a run, come up with and recite your own fitness personal mantra. Since it will be based on your own ideals and values, it’s a powerful reminder to keep you motivated.

Easy Stretches Almost Everyone Can Do To Stay Flexible

Flexibility is very important, especially as we get older. Here are some basic, everyday stretches to improve and maintain your flexibility. Business Insider has illustrated and animated the stretches, suggested by New York University professor of physical therapy, Marilyn Moffat.

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