Dolph Lundgren Shares His Top Five Life Hacks

Last week, we matched biceps with The Expendables‘ Dolph Lundgren during some hand-to-hand combat training — click here to see the video. During this mildly terrifying experience, we also asked Dolph to share his tips for maintaining a perfect life balance. Read on for his top five life hacks.

TacitoHealth Is An All-Inclusive Health-Tracking Dashboard

Android/iOS: TactioHealth creates a report of your health risks and statistics, based on details you add manually or through wearable fitness gadgets.

Spend More Time On Energising Activities To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

If we spend 129 hours working and sleeping, we still have 45 hours free each week. Feeling overwhelmed is from lack of energy, not lack of time, says Jim Woods at Time Management Ninja.

Dolph Lundgren Shows Lifehacker How To Break People

Today we caught up with action movie demi-god Dolph Lundgren who was in town to promote Optus’ new “Switch” offerings. During his visit, Dolph agreed to show off some hand-to-hand combat techniques for beginners.

Get Moving Tracks Where You Move And Where You Don't

iOS: There’s no shortage of activity trackers out there, but Get Moving does things a bit differently. While it tracks your daily steps and location, it also graphs when you’re not moving.

Six Factors That Explain Why You Have Off Days When Exercising

No matter how often you exercise, we all have that weird experience where a routine will feel great one day and horrible the next. There are many factors at play, and The Wall Street Journal lists the six most common reasons for an off day.

Skip The Gym And Choose An Intensive Side Gig Instead

Some people like the gym, but there are plenty of people who don’t. If you’d rather avoid the gym membership and scary equipment, get an active side gig to stay fit.

Fittr Helps You Get In Shape With Varied, Voice-Guided Workouts

iOS (Android coming soon): Fittr is a mobile app that helps you get and stay motivated to get in shape and find workouts that you can do safely. Those workouts adapt to you over time, getting more challenging as you progress, and backing off if you have trouble.

Energy Drinks Linked To Lethal Heart Problems

According to new scientific research, the consumption of energy drinks can lead to serious heart problems when dancing or exercising. This is because caffeine within energy drinks affects the heart’s ability to contract and to use oxygen which can lead to everything from irregular heartbeat to sudden death.

Ask LH: What's The Right Combination Of Diet And Exercise?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve recently started going to the gym, but I’m finding it difficult trying to find a good workout/diet combination. What’s the best combination for someone aiming to get rid of a bit of fat and putting on some muscle?