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Conquer Your First Rope Climb With These Intermediary Exercises

If you’re training for an obstacle race of some sort, then you’ll likely need to climb a tall rope. Climbing a rope, like the pull-up or push-up, can be worked on, one exercise at a time. Here are the exercises that will prepare you for rope climbing and more.

Even More Evidence BMI Isn't A Good Measure Of Health

We already knew BMI isn’t a great measure of whether a person is fat or not, but now a study confirms that it’s not a good measure of health either.

You Don't Need To Lift Heavy Weights To Build Muscle

We’ve gone over this before in our post on low and high-rep training, but it bears repeating: Whether you lift light or ultra-heavy weights, your muscles can still grow, provided you push yourself to the point of being unable to physically lift an additional rep. In the end, it’s all about intensity.

The Best Cheap Or Free Places To Get A Great Workout

If paying for a standard gym membership just doesn’t fit your budget, there are plenty of low-cost, or even free, options that offer effective ways to work out. From public or non-profit fitness centres to bodyweight exercises in the playground, you can get a great workout without the membership fees.

See How Much Weight You Can Lose Playing Pokemon GO With This Calculator

While the slow strolling and constant stopping of Pokemon GO isn’t going to get you fit in only a few sessions, the game has plenty of long-term potential if you’re looking for a fun way to keep yourself moving. This calculator can help you plan out your Pokemon GO weight loss goals.

Ignore The Beginning To Get Motivated To Work Out

Getting started is the hardest part of any new habit, especially working out. If you want to get going, pretend that beginning doesn’t exist and start mentally preparing yourself for the middle.

Should You Measure Your Running In Minutes Or Kilometres?

Should you head out the door for a 30-minute run or a 5K? If you train for a marathon, are you working up to racing for 42km or for a certain number of hours? You can plan your workouts by time or distance, but each has its advantages. Here’s how to decide.

How To Build A Space-Saving 'Home Gym' For $100

Attending the gym on a regular basis can be tough — especially when you have a toddler like me. Then there are the ongoing membership fees and perfectly chiselled fitness fanatics to worry about. If you want to get in shape but are too broke, busy or intimidated to join your local gym, it’s possible to get the results you need from the comfort of your own home. All you need is perseverance and around $100 worth of equipment. Here’s how it’s done.

Running Goals Showdown: 5K Races Vs. Marathons

Once you set your sights on a race, it changes your training. The question today is, should we dream small or dream big? Should you aim for a fast and fun 5K sometime soon, or commit yourself to a full marathon of guts and glory?

The Best Songs To Work Out To, According To Spotify Users

If you need some help putting together your ultimate workout playlist, these are the songs most Spotify users like to sweat it out to.

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