So You've Reached Your Fitness Goals: Now What?

We often talk about how to get to your fitness goals, but that’s only half the battle. Once you reach the endpoint, you still need to maintain it, or you’re going to end up right where you started.

How To Become More Comfortable At The Gym When You're Starting Out

When you’re just starting out, the gym is an intimidating place. Not only can you be self-conscious about whether or not you’re “doing things right”, it often seems like a set of eyes are constantly watching you. Here’s how to feel more at home when you’re working out.

Spotify's Next Update Brings Video, Podcasts, Smart Playlists

Spotify announced today that podcasts, video content and playlists generated to perfectly fit your mood are all coming in its next major update. Here’s everything you need to know.

Take An Occasional Break From The Gym To Keep Up Your Progress

No matter how lofty your fitness goals are or how little time you have, you still need rest. Constantly hammering yourself into the ground is (unsurprisingly) unsustainable, and can actually undo your progress. Here’s why.

Why Don't I Look Like My Goal Physique Yet?

There are only so many things you can control in life, and your genetics isn’t one of them. Aside from hitting the gym and plastic surgery, you have little say over how your appearance turns out — and even then, you may have less control than you think.

Can You Exercise After Getting Over A Bug?

Running picture from Shutterstock

As we move into winter, the cold mornings, dark evenings and rain tend to bring out the best excuses to miss a session at the gym or run around the park. But if you’re feeling tired and run down, can exercise actually make you sick? And should you wait until you’ve completely recovered before putting those runners back on?

What Causes The 'Dadbod' (And How To Reverse It)

Ah, the “dadbod”. A recently-coined term, it describes the body of a man whose belly suggests that he’s had a few thousand beers during grand final season. Now, he’s not “fat” by any means. In fact, his broad shoulders suggests that he balances his pizza intake with bench presses and curls. So how does this body occur and how do you undo a “dadbod?”

Why Setting Large Fitness Goals May Backfire

You would be hard pressed to find someone in the gym who isn’t there to reach some kind of goal. Whether it be fitting into a pair of old jeans, getting a six-pack or losing 10kg, the universal belief seems to be that anchoring your work to a goal will better direct your efforts. But what if goal setting might be doing more harm than good?

Google Fit Adds Distance Tracking, Calorie Estimates

Android: Google’s foray into fitness tracking hasn’t changed the industry, but if you’ve ever wanted to wade into the self-tracking waters without buying extra gear, it’s helpful. It’s also getting better, with distance travelled measurements and estimates of how many calories you’ve burned.

Tweak These Common Exercises For Your Body Type

Everyone’s built differently, so why should we expect that a one-size-fits-all workout routine will help us all achieve the same fitness ideals? Here’s how to personalise your workout to reach your goals.