What To Eat After Exercise For The Best Recovery

Sports performance was once thought to be enhanced by practices such as drinking cognac before an Olympic marathon run. Thankfully, today’s nutrition strategies are more scientific and properly researched.

This Graphic Helps You Choose The Right Fitness Class For You

Going to the gym is no picnic, but you can make it more fun by taking a fitness class. Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi and other group classes are fun and keep you motivated. This graphic explains some common choices. While it’s not exhaustive, it can help you pick one that may work for you.

Superhero Workout Turns Your Exercise Routine Into A Story-Driven Game

iOS: Gamifying workouts is nothing new, but a new game from the developers of Zombies, Run!, Superhero Workout, changes things up. It adds an actual story to your workout, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to add a bit of narrative to your workouts.

Schedule Your Workouts When On The Road To Stay Committed To Fitness

When travelling for work or pleasure, it’s tempting to avoid exercise. Many of us get too busy or just slack off. Schedule a time and place for your workouts in advance to keep yourself accountable.

Stick Your Tongue Out To Release Tension From Your Body

When we get stressed, we tense our muscles. Our neck, shoulders and back all feel tight. One way to release that tension is an exercise that involves sticking out your tongue. Entrepreneur contributor Arthur Joseph has an exercise (that you’ll probably want to do in private) to help you loosen up a bit.

Briefly: Paleo Muffins, Monopoly Hacks, Game Of Thrones 'R+L=J' Theory Confirmed

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: George R. R. Martin admits “R+L=J” theory, Kotaku’s 20 best video games of all time, how to crush your friends at Monopoly.

Sworkit Adds New Videos, Reminders And A Rewards System

iOS/Android: We like Sworkit because it makes exercising a little easier by giving you randomised workouts for any time limit you choose. A recent update adds a few nice new features, including a new set of videos to help you through your workout.

Use These Workouts To Combat The Physical Stress Of Sitting Too Long

Increasingly, the workforce is dominated by people who spend their days sitting. This is terrible for you. These exercises can help reduce the overall stress you place on your hips and butt every day.

Science Confirms Why Your Workplace Needs A Standing Desk

A new report published in the Medical Journal of Australia is urging businesses to adopt a “standing desk” policy to improve office workers’ posture and overall health. According to the paper, not only are non-standing desks bad for you, they could constitute an unsafe working environment if no standing options are provided. Here are a few standing desk hacks to help get your boss on board.

'Practise' Workouts For A Long-Lasting Attitude To Fitness

You “practise yoga”, but you don’t “practise workouts”. Personal trainer Jessi Kneeland thinks that simple change in mindset can build a better, more fun, and long-lasting attitude towards fitness.