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Why A Softer Bicycle Seat Won't Help Your Sore Butt

Just as the squishiest running shoes aren’t the most comfortable in the long run, the softest bike seats aren’t the best either. If your butt hurts when you ride, there are other things to check before you buy a new saddle — and other considerations besides how soft it is.

Butter In Your Coffee And Other Cons: Stories From A Fitness Insider

Three years after co-founding Fitocracy, we launched a new online coaching service to start bringing in money. We needed a way to hook people in, but no one seemed interested.

Lifting 'To Failure' Isn't Always The Best Option

Workout plans often recommend lifting a weight enough times that you can barely complete the last rep. It’s called lifting “to failure”, and it ensures that you’re working all of the fibres in the main muscle groups involved. But it also has its downsides.

Bike Intervals Can Make You A Faster Runner

Looking for variety, or just trying to stay off your feet to rehab an injury? According to a new study, a short interval session on a stationary bike can help you build running speed.

The Five Best Types Of Motivation For Long-Term Health Success

Motivation can come and go like a fart in the wind. If it doesn’t stick around long enough to push you toward your goals, then how does everyone else manage? First, accept that health and fitness are a learning process, like everything in life. Second, identify your motivators so you can tap into them when you need to.

A Road Map For Taking Your Running To The Next Level

When you laced up your shoes for the first time, you probably had a short term goal in mind: Finish this run. Do it again soon. Maybe work up to a short race. But if you like running, you’ll need a road map that takes you farther into the future. Here’s how to figure out what that goal is — and then get there.

No, Running On An Empty Stomach Doesn't Make You Lose More Weight

The logic seems sound: If you’ve not eaten at all and then go do an aerobic activity like running, your body will have to use up more fat and lose more weight right? While yes, you tend to use more fat during the activity, over the long-term fasted cardio alone has no additional effects on weight loss.

The Five Fitness Mindsets: How To Stay Rational When You're Discouraged

We like to think we’re rational, but we’re not. Your ability to make decisions is affected by a slew of factors, including your emotional state. Here’s how to use the best of those feelings to make better decisions and achieve your fitness goals.

Skip The Tiny Weights: Weight Lifting Isn't That Different For Women

So many strength workouts for women stray from actual strength and power development, emphasising lighter weights. This perpetuates the notion that the workouts men do somehow just aren’t for females. But that isn’t the case. Women can and should weight train just as intensely, and with the same exercises and programs, as men, if they want to.

Focus On What You Can Do, Not What You Should Do

You know those moments when you’ve gobbled up an entire pizza and you mutter, with sauce still dribbling down your lips, “I shoulda ate only one slice?” But you didn’t, and the regret of bygone decisions only further undermines your drive to achieve your health goals. Here’s how you can pick yourself up, stop worrying about what you should have done, and focus on what you can do.

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