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Microsoft Band 2 Review: A No-Nonsense Wearable For Fitness Geeks

The Microsoft Band 2 is a Window-flavoured fitness wearable designed to work with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. It provides all the tracking options of a high-end fitness band and some of the functionality of a smartwatch. We’ve been using the product for the past two weeks and have since promoted it to our fitness band of choice — despite some foibles. Read on for the full verdict.

Why Diet Matters More Than Exercise For Weight Loss, In One Video

If you want to lose weight, diet and exercise are both important. However, that doesn’t mean they’re equally important. This video explains why changing your diet has a bigger effect on your weight loss than exercise.

Think Of Calories Burned As Willpower Gained For Exercise Motivation

Rather than looking at your workout in terms of simple calories burned, think of it as “willpower gained” instead. Willpower is limited, and earning more gives you more motivation and self-control in the short and long term.

Why Deadlifts Are Worth The Hype, And How To Do Them Safely

Deadlifts: you either love ’em or are afraid of ’em. To the casual eye, this exercise looks like a great way to throw out your back (and you certainly can if you’ve got terrible form), but they’re actually one of the best and most practical movements in or outside of the gym. Here’s what you need to know about this not-so-deadly exercise.

Build Your Own Arduino-Powered Virtual Reality Indoor Cycling System

Virtual reality promises all kinds of things, but one thing it can certainly do is make those boring indoor training rides on a bike a little more fun. DIYer Paul Yan shares his system.

This Guide Shows Which Muscles You Work When You're Stretching

Ever wonder what’s going on in your body when you stretch? This series of images gives more than a skin-deep view of which muscles are targeted by common stretches and yoga poses.

Use The RPE Scale To Rate How Hard You Should Work Out

Many of us probably don’t work as hard as we could, but it’s not always easy to tell. The RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale helps with that. After all, sometimes fitness isn’t just about how much weight you lift, how many kilometres you run or even how many calories you burn. It’s about how hard you can work during that weight lifting session, that run or that spin class.

Fix Your Posture With These Three Simple Exercises

Three minutes and three simple exercises are all it takes to improve your posture, and this video shows you all of them. Considering how many of us sit in front of screens or at keyboards all day, just a quick time out for a few stretches can do a world of good. All you need to do them is a wall.

No, Barre Classes Won't Give You A Dancer's Body

Ballet-flavoured fitness classes like Pure Barre imply that they will change the shape of your body. For example, Barre3 says their technique “builds overall strength with lean, not bulky, muscles,” and that it will “create a long, lean, limber physique.” The only problem: that’s not how muscles work.

What All Those Confusing Fitness Terms Actually Mean

It isn’t easy getting fit. There’s a lot to learn: Your workout itself, whether the number of reps you do matters, and then there’s all the gym and exercise lingo you’ve never heard before. Say no more. We understand, and we’ve put together this primer to help.

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